Technical Details

Number of AircraftsTotal B737-8 Eleven (13)
Overall Length39.12 m (128 ft 4 in)
Overall Height12.45 m (40 ft 10 in)
Wingspan35.92 m (117 ft 10 in)
Maximum Range6,570 km (3550 nm)

Business Class


  • 46” pitch with no back recline (sliding recline feature)
  • Rigid back shell with no recline with fixed IFE screens
  • 17” Gen V touch screen monitor
  • Electrically actuated recline
  • “Z” relaxed position when fully reclined
  • Adjustable leg and footrest support
  • 4-way adjustable headrest
  • Pull out privacy divider
  • Large foldable meal table
  • Large cocktail table
  • Reading light and center console ambiance light
  • Bottle holder
  • Independent power and USB outlet
  • Personal devise compartment
  • Coat hanger
  • Headset hanger

Economy Class


  • 30” pitch
  • Rigid back shell with seat back IFE screens
  • Ultra slim composite back frame and ultra-light weight.
  • 5” recline
  • 10.2” Gen V touch screen monitor
  • Large foldable meal table
  • PC power outlet (2 outlets per triple)
  • High power USB outlet for each PAX
  • Coat hanger
  • Handicap end bay on all aisle armrest except seats within arm table
  • Quick Release Pin (QRP) for seat back break allowing faster stretcher installation (last 4 rows LH & RH side)
  • 4-way adjustable headrest
  • Baggage restrains both front and side
  • Attendant step on top surface of all aisle end bays except front row