Line Maintenance

Line Maintenance Outstation is responsible to:

  • Provide effective and efficient management and control of all Oman Air Line Stations to ensure maintaining high technical and on time performance and standards in a safe and cost effective manner.
  • To monitor and control all outstation operations and to ensure adequate maintenance support is established at outstations.
  • To develop certification business to other airline at outstation where Oman Air self-handling capabilities exist i.e. SLL, DXB, MHD & IKA whilst the aircraft remains in the operating environment and is substantially fit to fly subject to specific, relatively straightforward, rectification tasks such as CRS release defect rectification replacement of any component designated as a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), minor unscheduled or scheduled maintenance. The outstation units are providing B3 certification to several airlines to include Air India Express, Jet airways and other Seasonal Airlines on standby and/or Ad hoc Basis.

Maintenance Control Center

Maintenance Control Centre (MCC) role is effective monitoring of Oman Air aircrafts technical status 24 hours of the day while they are in operation.

Maintenance Control Centre ensures quick reaction to technical problems, in order to reduce delays and improve dispatch reliability without compromising safety.

Maintenance Control Centre is divided in two sections:

  • Maintenance Operation Control (MOC) located in Head Quarter HQ2 in the Integrated Operation Control Centre (IOCC).
  • Maintenance Defect Control (MDC) located in Engineering Building.

MOC is the main focal point for all senior management with regards to line stations technical delays, AOG's and operational disruptions. MDC is the main focal point for Oman Air fleet defect status.

The MCC keeps track of all Oman Air fleet and co-ordinates with key units throughout the operations, maintenance and engineering activities so that maintenance, when needed, can be planned, co-ordinated and expedited to minimize delays and down time.

This includes monitoring of reported defects and aircraft real time warnings and alerts line station engineers to prepare for any necessary maintenance action and avoid technical delays or AOG situation.

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