Kuwait in Arabic is literally a "fortress built near water". Since the old days it has since evolved into a bustling modern city underpined by a traditional Islamic culture. With many fine hotels, beautiful mosques and palaces Kuwait is well worth discovering.

  • Kuwait
  • Kuwait
  • Kuwait
  • Currency

    Kuwaiti Dinar

  • Location

    Kuwait is situated in the northeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, at the head of the Arabian Gulf. Kuwait is bordered on the north and west by Iraq, on the south and west by Saudi Arabia, and on the east by the Arabian Gulf. For many years Kuwait was a small emirate whose economy centered on sea trade. The discovery of oil in the 20th century transformed all aspects of Kuwaiti society.

  • Climate

    Kuwait shares European weather patterns but is hotter and drier. Summers (April to October) are hot and humid with very little rain. Winters (November to March) are cool with limited rain. Springs are cool and pleasant.

  • Flying Time

    Flying time from Muscat : 1 Hour 35 Minutes

  • Time Difference

    GMT + 3 Hours

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