Travel checklist and guide for passengers arriving to Oman

1. Complete Traveler Registration
2. Print completed traveler registration slip
3. Download Tarassud+ App
4. *if you are staying for longer than 7 days (Download HMushrif App)

*Note: Travelers under 15 years of age are not required to complete any of the following procedures:


Step 1
Go to the Traveler Registration Form (TRF) website here, and either enter your phone number or email to register.
Step 2
Enter the OTP you've received to confirm your registration phone number or email.
Step 3
Fill the Traveler Registration Form (TRF)
Step 4
Pay the Registration Fee of 25 OMR
Step 5
Save your Traveler Registration Form (TRF)
Step 6
Download the Tarassud+ App (*scroll down for the instructional video)

Step 7
*If you are staying for longer than 7 days, download the HMushrif App


Step 1
In case you have not paid for the Traveler Registration Form (TRF) fee, head to the COVID-19 registration counter and pay.
You can gain access to the internet by connecting to airport internet either directly through your phone or the designated Omantel kiosks.
Step 2
You will need to proceed to immigration, where you'll be required to present your paid Traveler Registration Form (TRF).
Step 3
You will need to head to the PCR testing area to take the PCR test.
Step 4
If you are staying for longer than 7 days, you will need to be fitted with an Mushrif bracelet that will be paired with your HMushrif mobile app.
Step 5
You will be required to quarantine at your place of residence for 14 days.
*Note: During the 14 days, you are required to:

Not complying with the two above conditions will subject you to a fine and legal action.



Step 1

Step 2

Note: Please DO NOT remove your HMushrif bracelet on your own, and head to the designated Medical Centers to have them removed.

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