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Terms and Conditions – Oman Air Easy Upgrades & MySpace

Gladly, Oman Air offer you the chance to upgrade to Business Class and enjoy your best travel experience with our new and modern fleet with Oman Air Easy Upgrade Program. In addition to upgrade you can purchase MySpace, Neighbor Free Seat Service which allows you travel in comfort without anyone sitting next to you, yet: The following terms and conditions ("terms and conditions") will apply to the purchase ("purchase") made by you ("the passenger"), from Oman Air, to upgrade from the Economy Class service that was originally purchased for travel on Oman Air to Business Class ("upgrade"). The purchase of this upgrade is valid only for flights operated by Oman Air, on which Business Class is available. It will not apply to code shared flights or flights operated by other airlines.

What is Oman Air Easy Upgrade and Instant Upgrade?

Oman Air offers its passengers the opportunity to obtain a Business Class upgrade, thus providing the best experience on board. Oman Air invites its passengers to participate by offering the monetary amount they’re willing to pay for the class upgrade. Yet, Oman Air have the right to set a minimum amount to start the bidding with. If the passenger is interested, he may click on the indicated link and will be redirected to the page to apply for the purchase of a class upgrade through the offer flow of the program. In this offer flow, the passenger will decide how much he is willing to pay for the class upgrade above the minimum set by Oman Air, and in which segments of his trip he would like to send an offer. Up to 6 hours before the departure of the flight, the passenger will receive an email indicating whether or not he got the class upgrade. The passenger’s credit card will be charged at the moment that passenger selected and approved of obtaining the class upgrade. The passenger who doesn’t obtain the upgrade will travel with his/her original reservation and any extra service booked. No Refund is possible after bid acceptance.

Instant Upgrade means that your flight is eligible for an Instant Upgrade, you will be upgraded directly to the best travel experience and secure your seat against the fees showed in the “Buy Now” field, as well your account will be billed directly. No Refund is possible after selecting the Instant upgrade (Buy Now) button.
If you are a Sindbad Member, and according to your tier, your offer will have many additional boosters that will enhances your ranking.

Conditions of sale:

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