With the weather being pretty much perfect right now in Oman, it is time to explore the Sultanate’s mountains, deserts and seas – which are filled with natural treasures of all kinds.

In the Sultanate’s vast mountain ranges, you can explore ancient villages, high mountain peaks and plateaus, gigantic cave systems, or set off on multiple-day treks through deep wadis which are home to crystal clear pools of water – all the time while breathing Oman’s cool, crisp mountain air.

In the deserts, you can gaze up at Oman’s glittering silver stars at night, while your campfire flames flicker under the midnight-blue sky. The next day, you can head out to explore the vastness of the desert on camel back or by four-wheel-drive, and discover the rich culture of Oman’s nomadic Bedouin people, who have made the desert their home for thousands of years.

On Oman’s beaches, islands, and rocky shorelines, you can dive into crystal clear waters, and discover a world of tropical marine life, whale sharks, turtles, and dolphins. And while sailing the Sea of Oman on a traditional dhow, you can hear stories about Oman’s legendary marine explorers and sailors.

At the heart of all of this are the people of Oman – whose warmth, friendliness, and generous hospitality continue to welcome travelers and adventurers from all parts of the world to share in the richness of their land and culture.

Oman Air Flights to Muscat holiday package

When in Muscat, explore the Museums, Mosque, Royal Opera House & much more. Connect with the country’s rich heritage.

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Oman Air Jabel AKdhar holiday package

Explore Al Jabal Al Akhdar, located 2000m above sea level. Visit the mountain villages & experience the cooler mountain air.

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Oman Air flights to Duqm holiday package

Explore Duqm that offers the barren shores of the wild coastline. Visit the natural rock garden & the fishing community.

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Oman Air Khasab holiday package

Explore Fjords of Musandam. Enjoy the dramatic limestone scenery, reticulated coastline & steep cliffs which you can’t fail to appreciate.

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Oman Air Salalah holiday package

Explore Salalah, the subtropical city of Dhofar region. Experience the sociable Dhofari culture in the heart of Arabian desert.

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Oman Air ZInzibar holiday package

Zanzibar is a land of many wonders combining an un-paralleled diversity of fauna and flora.

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