Oman National museum

Learn all you need to know about Oman’s ancient history and unique culture in one of these museums.

The National Museum
The National Museum is the Oman’s flagship cultural institution, showcasing the Sultanate’s cultural heritage from the earliest evidence of human settlement in the Oman Peninsula through to the present day.

Bait Al Zubair
Bait Al Zubair is cultural foundation started initially with a private museum that opened its carved wooden doors to the public in 1998. Located in old Muscat, Oman, the museum has an extensive collection of ancient weapons, including khanjar, household equipments, and costumes. Outside the museum is a full-scale Omani village and souk.

Bait Al Baranda
Located in the heart of the tourist district on the seafront in Mutrah, Bait Al Baranda represents the history of Muscat through interactive exhibits from geology to ancient life, Maritime, Folk art to the achievements of Muscat Today.

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