Date: 10 Jun 2013


The latest issue of ‘Wings of Oman’, the in-flight magazine of Oman Air, offers readers a host of fascinating insights this month.

The June issue’s cover story looks into one of the most enduring and recognisable symbols of the Sultanate – the ubiquitous date palms which, from time immemorial, have been nothing short of a lifegiver for the people of Oman. In a country that is renowned for the warmth of its traditional hospitality, visitors to any Omani home are welcomed with warm smiles and an offering of dates and ‘kahwa’, the time-honoured Omani coffee, flavoured with roasted cardamom and rose water.

June’s Wings of Oman also takes readers on a trip to one of the most fascinating, exciting and famous of Indian destinations in ‘Kaleidoscopic Kerala’. Famed for centuries as a centre of the spice and ivory trades, Kerala’s beauty, warmth and charm have made this narrow strip of land on India’s south west coast one of that vast country’s most visited destinations and the ideal lication for the holiday of a lifetime.

Elsewhere in the issue, the Health and Beauty section’s article on ‘Fusion Fitness’ promises a new spin on exercising. Fusion Fitness blends very different disciplines - such as kickboxing and yoga, or aerobics and Pilates - or different styles within a discipline to produce a heady, effective and resultsdriven workout cocktail. Helping the body to develop more strength, agility, balance and coordination than any single-exercise approach, Fusion Fitness may well be the future of fitness.

The business pages, meanwhile, provide an invaluable guide for the layperson on how to read and analyse a balance sheet. This detailed financial statement lists a company’s assets, liabilities and equity at any specific point in time, and can be used to measure the net worth of a business and evaluate its investment potential. Wings of Oman’s advice could put you on track to making a fortune! In addition to these in-depth reports, June’s Wings of Oman offers details about some of the most important festivals, international events and sporting spectacles being held in the global destinations to which Oman Air flies.

The most beautiful natural lagoons to be found in four Oman Air destinations provide even more reasons to visit the Sultanate, whilst some of the most striking images from around the world can be found in Wings of Oman’s ‘World View’ pages. The magazine’s news section also provides details of the latest international happenings and recent arts and literature are given extensive coverage. In addition to being supplied to customers on all Oman Air’s flights, Wings of Oman is distributed widely across the airline’s 42 international destinations, helping to raise awareness both of Oman Air and of Oman’s vast potential for visitors.

Wings of Oman is published every month and is keenly anticipated by Oman Air’s broad mix of business and leisure travellers, hotels, ministries, embassies and other key government organisations .Packed with interesting features, the magazine is presented in an easy-to-read format and is presented in both English and Arabic. Wings of Oman is published by National Publishing and Advertising (NPA) under the supervision of the Corporate Communications and Media Department of Oman Air. 

Date : 10 06, 2013

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