Date: 28 Jul 2013


Oman Air’s ongoing support for young Omani people who aim to achieve their full potential has helped students at the College of Economic and Political Science, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), to gain international recognition. This comes as part of Oman Air’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme, aimed at the welfare of the community and the citizens of the country.

Oman Air was pleased to provider transport and logistical support for the students, as Paris is one of the airline’s six European destinations. There the students gave impressive presentations in support of their papers, each of which focused on the impact of social media on different aspects of life. Furthermore, one of the five papers, titled ‘The Adoption of Social Networking in Education: A case study of the use of social networks by higher education students in Oman’ and written by Elham M. AlMukhaini, Wafa S. Al-Qayoudhi and Ali H. Al-Badi, was awarded the “Best Paper Award” at the conference. Senior Manager Government Relations & Sustainability, Dr Khalid Al Balushi, commented: “Oman Air was pleased to be able to support the outstanding academic achievement of Elham Al-Mukhaini, Wafa Al-Qayoudhi and Abir Al-Harrasi and we would like to add our congratulations to the international acclaim that has been received by the students.

We would also like to thank Dr Ali Al-Badi and the Department of Information Systems at the College of Economic and Political Science, Sultan Qaboos University, for shining a spotlight on the world-class standards offered by the Omani education system. “Oman Air has long had a policy of supporting, wherever possible, young people from Oman to achieve their full potential, whether it be in the worlds of academia, sports, culture or the creative arts.

It has been a pleasure, therefore, to once again assist in showcasing Omani talent on the world stage.” It is worth mentioning that Oman Air contributed as well to the success of the ‘Tab for Giving’ campaign initiated by Safa Mazhoud AL – Abrawi, a student of the Mass Communications Department in the College of Arts and Social Sciences at Sultan Qaboos University, which involved collecting tabs or ring-pulls from aluminium drinks cans that were sent to the Prosthesis Foundation of Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother in Bangkok, Thailand, for use in the manufacture of artificial limbs. The limbs were then provided to the deserving Omani patients who would not otherwise be able to afford an appropriate prosthesis. 

Date : 28 07, 2013

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