Date: 03 Aug 2008

Oman Air continues through its spot at the Municipality Fair Ground, to make available valued services to the visitors of the Salalah Tourism Festival 2008, whereby visitors can even purchase tickets, conform their reservations, while experiencing the genuine Omani hospitality. The event, which is by far, the second biggest event that represents Oman's legendary history, culture, and tradition, is attracting thousands of people from within and outside the Sultanate. In its efforts promoting domestic tourism, providing more facilities and price discounts for its valued customers, Oman Air has offered a wide range of fares for family members who aspire to spend their holidays enjoying the hazy climate and spells of rain during the Khareef season in Salalah.


Ahmed bin Mohammad Al Amri, Oman Air District Sales Manger- Salalah stated that Oman Air is proud to be leading the way in boosting domestic tourism along side the concerned government bodies, by sponsoring key happenings within our beloved country Oman. The southern region of Dhofar flourished in biblical times due to frankincense-producing trees. The monsoon rains too, known locally as khareef, cover this area with a fresh mantle of green in the summer. Salalah khareef festival definitely draws tourists in search of cooler climate.

Al Amri added, as a strategic partner in the Sultanate’s development, we are obliged to back an event of such magnitude, which attracts thousands of people from in and outside the country. Year on year, Salalah Tourism Festival lives up to its promise of staging the most exciting activities for visitors. Oman Air he affirmed, supports the festival as part of the airline’s mission and commitment to promote the Sultanate overall worldwide as a top-notch tourist destination with something for everyone. We have succeeded in raising the profile of the event with our regional promotional activities. The rising number of tourists we fly to Salalah each year to witness the 45 days long festival is proof that our value-for-money packages are a great hit with our customers.

Corporate Communication And Media of Oman Air assured that customers’ accessibility is extremely important, and Oman Air understands the importance of doing the utmost to deliver a great customer experience. They confirmed the fact that Salalah Tourism Festival has over the years grown-up amazingly, to become one of the biggest festivals in the region. Oman has plenty to offer. "This is an area which will do very well and that the government is heavily encouraging. Oman Air office in which is located at a prime location in the event they said highlights many of the company’s products and services. Considering the continuous success of the festival, there cannot be a better opportunity for us to draw attention to our distinctive products and services to a potential, captive audience. It has always been a good opportunity for Oman Air to unfold within the event its new destinations, services, including tour packages to destinations on our network. As a national carrier, we aim to assist in creating awareness and maximising tourist demand potential while minimising obstacles to tourism development, Corporate Communication And Media of Oman Air clarified. The Sultanate of Oman, as a country, has much to offer to the visitors: a rich cultural heritage, spectacular mountainous landscape, and desert, some of the world's finest beaches, the warmth, and hospitality of the Omanis. Oman Air the flagship carrier of the Sultanate of Oman connects 27 destinations around the world, including two gateways in the Sultanate they stated in conclusion.

Date : 3 08, 2008

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