Date: 27 May 2013

Oman Air CEO Wayne Pearce has, at an event held on 14th May, thanked staff for achieving 100% ontime departures across the airline’s network.

The outstanding result was achieved on April 26th, when every scheduled service from each one of Oman Air’s 42 destinations took off with no delay whatsoever.


After thanking all members of staff involved, directly or indirectly, in ensuring the punctual departures, as well as Oman Air’s On-Time Performance Committee, Wayne Pearce went on to say: “Soon after taking office, one of my priories was to enhance Oman Air’s product, and flight punctuality was one of the items at the top of my list. I would therefore like to personally thank all our staff for the outstanding effort they have made to improve our on-time performance. The recent 100% on-time departure figure is the highest we have scored in the past year and it is a wonderful tribute to our staff’s combined efforts.

“I would particularly like to thank all the units on the ramp, in customer services and in our engineering division, as well as our pilots, cabin crew and IOCC for their excellent co-operation and teamwork. Furthermore, this result could not have come about without the leadership and commitment provided by Captain Ali Sulaiman, our Chief Officer Flight Operations, and Andrew Walsh, our Chief Officer Airport Operations. My thanks also go to each of them.

“Whilst this is a great achievement for our staff, the benefits of our punctuality will be felt most by our customers, who are increasingly looking at issues beyond price, such as on-time performance, before choosing who to fly with. Our continuing, combined goal is to deliver even greater punctuality, further improving the very high, award-winning standards of our products, services and passenger experience.”

Oman Air’s overall on-time performance for 2012 currently stands at 85%, which is in line with The Company’s standards. Captain Ali Sulaiman, Chief Officer Flight Operations and Chairman of Oman Air’s On-Time Performance Committee, added: “Despite busy schedules, the committee meets every morning to review any delays, investigate reasons and find immediate fixes.

Our recent 100% on-time departure figure has been achieved as a result of team work and I wish to thank all my colleagues, whose efforts have made this possible.” Oman Air’s team at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport was singled out for praise at the event, following a four-month period during which extraordinarily high on-time performance figures were attained. Alain Roze, Oman Air Airport Services Manager at Paris, was offered personal thanks for his ‘zero tolerance’ approach to service punctuality. On behalf of his team, he also accepted a trophy.

Date : 27 05, 2013

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