Special Baggage

Sporting equipment and musical instruments can be part of your baggage allowance if they are within our Standard Special Baggage specifications. Extra charges will be applied if dimensions and/or total weight exceed the size specifications or the free baggage allowance.

We encourage early check-in if your item requires special handling or charges. This will allow you to plan your journey ahead, and avoid hassles at the check-in counters.

Please carry your special equipment in a rigid protective case, whether it is travelling in the cabin or in the hold and ensure properly insured. Instruments in soft cases cannot be accepted.

For TV Screens:

Your TV screen must be in its fitted box; no additional items shall be added to the box.

Up to 43” 44” to 55” More than 55”
Maximum 23 KGs 32 KGs Cargo Only
Can be Accepted
within Allowance
Charges Apply

For Musical, Sport and Filming Equipment:
Special Standard
Large Special
XL Special
23 kg 32 kg More Than 32 kg
Up to 210 cm/ 83 in Up to 290 cm/ 115 in More Than 290 cm/ 115 in
Special Bags not exceeding 159 CMs (total dimensions)
can be accepted within allowance
Charges Apply Carried by Cargo Only

If you purchased or intend to purchase a Super Saver Economy Class ticket, charges for Special Baggage will be applied.

Clothes or other personal items should not be packed with any of the Special Baggage.

Sports Equipment:

Archery, Non-motorized bicycles, Boogie boards, Bowling equipment, Golf equipment, Snowboard, Fishing equipment, Hockey equipment, Lacrosse equipment, Pole vaults, Scuba equipment, Skateboards, Surfboards/Paddleboards, and Windsurfing equipment.

Musical Instruments:

Cabin Baggage:

Check-in Baggage:

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