Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House

Omani musicians perform the songs of our nation and the world’s entertainers bring their artistry to the stage at the Royal Opera House Muscat. Since its inauguration in 2011, this exquisite gateway to the Sultan’s cultural vision has hosted performers from throughout Oman and across continents, from the worlds of opera, ballet, musical theatre, jazz and beyond. The Royal Opera House Muscat, whose performance season runs from September to March, is an architectural wonder. An artful blend of marble and wood complemented by subtle colours throughout the building, it is designed to honour Oman’s heritage while reflecting contemporary architecture.

A carefully crafted garden completes the aesthetic ambience and a visit to the opera house is a unique, magnificent experience. The newly opened House of Musical Arts is accessed via a state of the art bridge, connecting the two theatres and expanding the Royal Opera House Muscat’s capacity for community participation, music performance, exhibitions, scholarly research, education and entertainment. Tours of the opera house encompass both buildings. Stroll through the Opera Galleria, where you can shop for treasures including handmade jewelry, Omani craftware and bespoke Royal Opera House Muscat souvenirs; relax in contemporary coffee shops; or, take the family out for a night at any of the several restaurants which offer a tempting choice of traditional and international cuisines.


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