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*If you require a refund for an upcoming flight, please enter your booking details above. If you are applying for a refund for a flight that has passed and is not retrievable online, please fill in this refund form to submit your request for manual processing.

Our Manage Booking function allows you to make changes to an existing flight booking, including:

  • Updating passenger contact information.

  • Selecting extra legroom seats.

  • Adding extra baggage.

  • Getting lounge access.

  • Exchanging your flight dates.

  • Cancelling and refunding your booking*


Important Note:
Refund requests are only applicable for tickets issued through the Oman Air website, Oman Air offices or Call Center and paid for with a bank card. For tickets issued at an Oman Air office and paid for with cash, refunds are only available directly through the respective office. Refunds for tickets issued by a travel agency need to be done through the respective travel agency.