Baggage Check-in

Upon delivery of your baggage, which you wish to check-in, we shall take custody of, and issue a "Baggage Identification Tag" which will be placed on each piece of your checked-in baggage.

Acceptance Policy

  • Oman Air will accept your luggage only upon presentation of a valid ticket for travel on Oman Air flight.
  • Your baggage will be checked-in to your final destination.
  • Baggage must be packed and secured in suitcases or similar containers in order to guarantee safe transportation.
  • Baggage handed over to the check-in agent at the desk, should have been packed by your own self and you must be aware of its contents for security and safety reasons of yourselves, other passengers and the aircraft.

We Recommend That You...

  • Place your name and address on the inside as well as the outside of your baggage.
  • Carry valuable items such as electronic equipment, cameras, films, cash and jewelry with you on board the aircraft.
  • Do not place any of the above items / valuables in your baggage which is to be checked-in.
  • Advice the check-in agent before checking your baggage, if you are deviating from the itinerary stated on your ticket.
  • Carry necessary items such as medication, prescriptions, tickets, passports, other legal documentation and keys along with you on board the aircraft.
  • Claim your baggage immediately upon arrival.

Baggage Reclaim on Arrival

You will be able to retrieve your checked-in baggage from the Baggage Claim area at the airport of destination. Since baggage is quite similar in style and color, we recommend that you inspect your luggage closely and check the baggage tag which was placed at the origin to ensure you claim your own items.
If you are unable to locate your baggage upon arrival, you should notify a Baggage Service agent prior to leaving the airport. At that time, the agent will assist you file a Passenger Irregularity Report which will assist us to locate the baggage.

Items Removed By Airport Security Personnel

Oman Air will not be responsible or liable in respect of articles that are removed from your baggage by airport security personnel in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Lost Articles

Passengers who need assistance in locating an item left onboard an Oman Air aircraft, or left behind at an Oman Air boarding gate area, should contact the Oman Air airport staff where travel was completed or the airport at which the item was last seen.

We will search for your missing property and contact you ONLY if we have located any of the missing or left behind items or something that is similar to what you have described.

Claim Procedures

  • Lost Baggage
  • Delayed Baggage
  • Damaged Baggage/Missing Baggage Content
  • Baggage Claim Follow-up

For all your immediate written enquiries pertaining to loss or damaged bag, please contact our nearest Oman Air Office or our Baggage Services Agents at your destination airport, providing the following information:

  • Name of passenger traveling (as read on ticket)
  • Baggage Irregularity Report reference number (PIR)
  • Flight number and date of travel
  • Airport location where baggage report was filed
  • Any other pertinent information

Note *The above documents will be required to process your enquiry.

Lost Baggage

In the unlikely event that we do not locate your baggage, the following documentation must be presented to the closest Oman Air airport within 21 days. The deadline for written lost baggage compensation claim is two years from the date of the flight.

A completed Baggage Claim Questionnaire (click here for a copy) that was handed over when you reported the loss or damage.

The initial report (Passenger Irregularity Report) filed at the airport of destination where your travel was completed.

Claim potions of the Baggage identification labels.

Ticket/s (in the case of not using an electronic ticket).

Boarding card/s.

Copy of the passenger's identity card/passport.

Note *The above documents will be required to process your claim.

Our ticketing contract excludes liability for consequential damages such as inconvenience, car rental expenses, phone call expenses, hotel or meal costs. Additionally, Oman Air cannot offer refunds of airfare due to baggage discrepancies.

Delayed Baggage

If you need to make queries about your checked-baggage once you've left the airport, please call the Baggage Service Office at the airport you flew into within four hours after arrival.

Note 1:

In case of delayed baggage a written claim shall be made no later than 21 days from the date of the baggage delivery to the passenger (all originals of necessary documents confirming the passenger's right to claim compensation, must be attached to the claim: The initial report (Passenger Irregularity Report) filed at the airport of destination where your travel was completed, Claim potions of the Baggage identification labels, Ticket/s (in the case of not using an electronic ticket), Boarding card/s, Copy of the passenger's identity card/passport).

Note 2:

When ticketed passengers are away from their permanent address and the delivery of baggage is delayed, Oman Air may authorize an amount of compensation in cash per ticketed passenger for the purchase of essential personal items such as clothing and toiletries with a maximum ceiling.

Damaged Baggage/Missing Baggage Content

If your baggage has been damaged, or there is a missing baggage content, it is important to make a baggage claim with our baggage agent (at Lost & Found) immediately while you're at the airport, and complete the Damage Irregularity Report (DPR) before you go through Customs. Note: It is important that customers retain all damaged property until it can be inspected by an Oman Air Baggage Service agent, and a damaged property report is issued.

Baggage Claim Follow-up

If you're following up on a baggage claim, click here for a list of our specific destination airport.

Items that Oman Air does not hold liability for

The following items are accepted for transportation at your own risk. Oman Air will not be liable for damage, loss or spoilage of these items.

You may choose to carry the item(s) with you if they meet the requirements for carry-on baggage. Essential medication or currency should always travel with you and should never be checked.

Fragile or unsuitably packaged items (such as antiques, art, bottles, cameras [video, still, projectors], ceramic, computer equipment, glass, hockey sticks, liquids, luggage totes, mirrors, strollers and other items subject to break in transit, musical instruments, precision tools, radios, small appliances, sound reproduction equipment, televisions or trophies).

Irreplaceable or essential items (such as antiques, artifacts, car keys, house or other keys, currency, checks, negotiable papers, securities, essential medication, heirlooms, collectible items, irreplaceable business documents, jewelry, precious stones or metals including silverware, natural fur products, optics, contact lenses, paintings/works of art).


Perishable items (such as fish, meat or any perishable food item, flowers or plants).

We strongly recommend that you do not pack valuable and special items into your checked baggage. Please use carry-on allowance for any important documents, cash, fragile or perishable items, keys, jewelry, computers and other personal electronic devices, samples, medicines, medical documents, passport and other identity papers.

Filing a Claim

If you're following up on a baggage claim, click here for a list of our specific destination airport.

To file a claim, please see Claim Procedure for Baggage Irregularities (above).

For all other miscellaneous baggage related claim (or complaint) may be sent in writing to :

Central Baggage Tracing


click here for specific destinations.

(Please ensure addressing your e-mail to the concerned personnel, according to your destination under the mentioned regions).

Telephone: +968 24519230 / +968 24518813

Conditions of Carriage

View general conditions of carriage for passengers & baggage

Dangerous Goods Notice

Items forbidden for transport in carry-on or checked baggage

Restricted Security Items

Under EU Regulation 2015/1998 the attached list of security items are forbidden for carriage as carry-on and/or checked baggage.