Guidelines for Special Baggage Items

The following items are considered Special Baggage, and may be carried as part of your check-in baggage allowance, provided they adhere to the standard baggage size and weight specifications:

Items that exceed your baggage allowance, or the standard weight or size dimensions, will be subject to excess baggage charges.

Certain items will be too large or too heavy to come with you on your flight. These items will have to be sent through Cargo.

  • Filming equipment
  • Televisions
  • Musical instruments
  • Sporting equipment (e.g., surf boards, paddle boards, skis, snow boards, skateboards, golf clubs, bicycles, fishing rods, windsurfing equipment, diving equipment, hockey sticks, bowling balls, archery equipment, boogie boards, lacrosse equipment, pole vaults)
    • If you have an item that requires special handling or charges, we encourage you to check-in early to avoid any unnecessary delays at the check-in counters.
    • Please carry your special equipment in a rigid protective case, whether it is travelling in the cabin or in the hold, and ensure it is properly insured. Instruments in soft cases will not be accepted.
    • In case your equipment is not on the list, please contact our Call Center on +968 24531111.

  • Musical Instruments
    • Small musical instruments, weighing no more than 7 kg and with dimensions not exceeding 115 cm, may be carried in the cabin as an alternative to your hand luggage. This is provided the item is not restricted and does not exceed the size and weight dimensions of hand luggage; otherwise, it can be checked-in as part of your check-in baggage allowance. This must be approved at least 48 hours before your flight departure.
    • Your musical instrument will stay with you in the cabin, on the seat next to you. For more information, please call our Call Center on +968 2453 1111, visit our Sales Office or your preferred travel agent.
  • Televisions
    • Must be packed tightly in a box with no additional items inside.
    • Items up to 43” and 23 kg in weight are accepted as check-in baggage allowance.
    • If an item is between 43” and 55”, with a maximum weight of 32 kg, excess baggage charges will be applied.
    • Items over 55” and 32 kg will only be accepted as Cargo. Please contact the Cargo team.

  • Dimensions and Weights
    • Standard Baggage specification: up to 159cm/62” with maximum weight of 32 kg (Free Baggage Allowance is subject to the Fare in your Ticket).
    • Standard Special Baggage: up to 210cm/83” and maximum weight is 23. Excess baggage charges apply.
    • Large Special Baggage: up to 290cm/115” and 32 kg in weight. Excess baggage charges apply.
    • If your special baggage item exceeds the above maximum weight or size dimensions, please contact our Cargo team.