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Terms and Conditions – Oman Air Easy Upgrades

Gladly, Oman Air offer you the chance to upgrade to Business Class and enjoy your best travel experience with our new and modern fleet with Oman Air Easy Upgrade Program, yet: The following terms and conditions ("terms and conditions") will apply to the purchase ("purchase") made by you ("the passenger"), from Oman Air, to upgrade from the Economy Class service that was originally purchased for travel on Oman Air to Business Class ("upgrade"). The purchase of this upgrade is valid only for flights operated by Oman Air, on which Business Class is available. It will not apply to code shared flights or flights operated by other airlines.

What is the Oman Air Easy Upgrade?

Oman Air offers its passengers the opportunity to obtain a Business Class upgrade, thus providing the best experience on board. Oman Air invites its passengers to participate by offering the monetary amount they’re willing to pay for the class upgrade. Yet, Oman Air have the right to set a minimum amount to start the bidding with. If the passenger is interested, he may click on the indicated link and will be redirected to the page to apply for the purchase of a class upgrade through the offer flow of the program. In this offer flow, the passenger will decide how much he is willing to pay for the class upgrade above the minimum set by Oman Air, and in which segments of his trip he would like to send an offer. Up to 12 hours before the departure of the flight, the passenger will receive an email indicating whether or not he got the class upgrade. The passenger’s credit card will be charged at the moment that passenger selected and approved of obtaining the class upgrade. The passenger who doesn’t obtain the upgrade will travel with his/her original reservation and any extra service booked.

Instant Upgrade means that your flight is eligible for an Instant Upgrade, you will be upgraded directly to the best travel experience and secure your seat against the fees showed in the “Buy Now” field, as well your account will be billed directly. No Refund is possible after selecting the Instant upgrade (Buy Now) button.

If you are a Sindbad Member, and according to your tier, your offer will have many additional boosters that will enhances your ranking.

Conditions of sale:
  • The flight must be eligible by Oman Air to accept the bidding for the upgrade.
  • The flight must have seats available in Business Class.
  • The passenger must have purchased a valid economy-class ticket starting with 910.
  • The parents of underage passengers, and/or the adult responsible for such passengers, may purchase an upgrade on their behalf.
  • The purchase will apply only to the flight segment available.
  • The upgrade may not be assigned and/or transferred to another flight or to another passenger.
  • Oman Air reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decide whether or not to accept your Offer, and it makes no representation that any passenger will be upgraded regardless of whether or not seats are available in the class of service for which an Offer is being made.
  • If your reservation includes multiple passengers, you may purchase an upgrade for all passengers on the reservation according to the cabin availability. If you wish to submit an offer for some, but not all, of the passengers included in your reservation, you may contact Oman Air Call Center by telephone for assistance. The purchase price you accept will be per passenger.
  • Passengers in the following categories may not purchase upgrades.
  • Passengers traveling with pets.
  • Passengers traveling on plane tickets received free of charge, for which the passenger paid only taxes and/or airport fees (i.e., donations, sponsorships, non-revenue tickets, tickets received as a benefit, etc.).
  • If you purchase a Oman Air Easy Upgrade, you will be entitled to enjoy the following services and benefits.
  • Check-in at the Business Class counter.
  • Priority boarding and baggage handling.
  • Access to Lounge.
  • Business Class seats and service during the flight.
  • Business Class baggage allowance for the travel portion in which the upgrade is purchased.
  • You will be notified if you received the upgrade through the provided email from up to 12 hours before your flight departs. You will receive an email If you receive an upgrade, the charge will be made to the card that was used when submitting your offer. There should be a single payment to this Upgrade, combination of more than one card is not possible. We will not disclose the price paid by the passenger who receives the Upgrade, this information is strictly confidential.
  • If you purchase an upgrade, the conditions of your original plane ticket will remain in effect following the upgrade. This includes conditions pertaining to the minimum and maximum length of stay, cancelation, penalties, changes, etc. Sindbad Miles earned will be based on the original class of service, not the class of service for which the upgrade was purchased.
  • If you requested any special meals when purchasing your original ticket, Oman Air will make every effort to fulfill your request. For the avoidance of doubt, it is highly recommended to contact our Call Center to make sure that all services requested has been assigned.
  • If you purchase an upgrade, we cannot guarantee a specific seat assignment in Business Class. Your seat number will depend on seat availability.
  • The total price you pay for the upgrade includes Upgrade Fees only, for some countries -including but not limited to- ( United Kingdome, India and Pakistan) additional taxes amount will be collected on top of the Upgrade Fees.
  • A bidding upgrade may be canceled or changed up to 18 hours prior to the departure of your flight. After that time, an upgrade cannot be changed or canceled.
  • Accepting the Offers might start within 72 Hours to departure time, if we were lucky and got you upgraded, refunding the amount after upgrade is confirmed wouldn’t be possible.
  • This cancellation or change should be made using the link of the reservation confirmation provided via email.
  • If the passenger make voluntary changes (change of date, flight, route, among others) or is not present for the flight due to causes not attributable to Oman Air (weather, strikes, among others), no refund will be issued. Once the upgrade offer has been accepted, it is not refundable.
  • The amount paid for your upgrade is non-refundable.
  • The amount of paid services in advances, Lounge, Seat or any related paid services booked on the economy ticket given as complementary for our values business class passenger are Non Refundable in case of your bid won.
  • In the event that Oman Air cancels a flight for reasons attributable to the airline, Oman Air will make every effort to assign you a Business Class seat on another flight. If a Business Class seat is not available on another flight, the amount paid for the upgrade will be refunded to the passenger. To request a refund for this reason, you must email easyupgrade@omanair.com
  • If you cannot be assigned a Business Class seat for reasons attributable to the airline, you will travel in the class of service for which you originally purchased a ticket; any upgrade purchased for your original reservation cannot be transferred to a new flight. The amount paid for the upgrade will be refundable to you. To request a refund for this reason, you must emaileasyupgrade@omanair.com
  • Oman Air reserves the right to amend the foregoing conditions at any time and at its sole discretion.
  • By Submitting the upgrade, the passenger accepts all terms and conditions of the Easy Upgrade Program.

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