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Across winter’s warm days and crisp evenings, Oman’s deserts beckon to adventurers who embrace natural beauty and exceptional experiences. Spanning the Sultanate, with differences as vast as sand seas and as subtle as windswept footprints, Oman’s deserts await you.

Visitors who enjoy luxury amid natural beauty can experience artfully created accommodations. For those who find comfort in a sleeping bag, alternatives are as plentiful – and gorgeous -- as stars in a desert’s midnight sky. Travel short distances from large cities for an hour’s escape from urban life or venture beyond civilisation and stay for days. Embark on easy walks or challenging treks, on foot or on a camel. Observe strange, artful rock formations. Surf soft, towering dunes. Take pictures that capture subtleties in sand, light and shadows. Explore what might be a lost city of legendary tales. Let vast golden sands take your breath away.



Enter the world of Wahiba Sands, where golden dunes stretch 100 meters to the sky, in an effortless day trip from Muscat. For those with a greater taste for adventure, multi-day journeys on camels take you deep into the desert for extraordinary sunsets, star-filled skies and sunrises you’ll remember forever.

Wahiba’s vast dunes, about 2 hours from Muscat, also attract thrill-seekers who enjoy off-road driving.



Across Oman’s deserts, countless camps offer accommodations that connect visitors with the land, history and culture. Thousand Nights, about 4 hours from Muscat, is one special place to rest.

Abdullah Akhdar, a nomadic traveller and writer, searched the dunes for 999 nights, unable to find the special place he sought. In 2001, On night number 1000, he arrived in a place unlike any he had seen. Today, his family preserves the camp’s beauty and the legacy to provide for every traveller who seeks tranquillity for the soul and senses.




For those who venture farther or begin their voyages from Salalah, the Sultanate’s central and southern regions are rich with desert treasures. Al Khaluf’s soft, white sugar dunes are a favourite destination for photographers.

The desert’s edge in Al Wasta Governorate is home to the Rock Garden, where unusual rock formations have intrigued visitors and nomads for centuries. A fascinating archaeological site in Shisr might be the legendary lost city of Ubar.




Travel for a handful of hours or across the days. Enjoy blissful isolation; high-energy adventures; ancient cultures; or rare, exquisite beauty. Oman’s remarkable deserts welcome our world’s winter travellers.

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