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Oman Air Frequent Flyer Adds Miles To Language

Date:20 Apr 2009

Oman Air has extended its Frequent Flyer Programme partnership base following the signing of an agreement with Language Direct GmbH.

The partnership offers Sinbad members the opportunity to learn a new language or improve existing language skills from the comfort of the home or office. Using a unique and innovative internet/telephone-based language learning solution and a private teacher, Language Direct makes it possible to acquire the ability to communicate fluently in a foreign language – at a time and place convenient to the customer. With classes currently available in more than 40 languages across six continents, Language Direct’s native-speaking tutors can help with everything from learning simple phrases required for daily transactions to mastering the grammar and complexity of a foreign language.

All it takes for Sindbad members to earn valuable Sindbad miles is to simply sign up online for the course of their choice.

Mr. Mohammed Mubarak Al Shikely, Senior Manager Marketing, Oman Air, said “Language is a very powerful tool to share ideas, emotions and feelings. With the barriers to trade, tourism and communication coming down every day, the ability to learn and master new languages adds immense value to business executives and leisure travellers alike.. We are sure that this partnership with Language Direct will assist in expanding the global reach of each and every one of our valued Sindbad members.”

Cillin Perera, CEO/Founder of Language Direct said “Language Direct guarantees practical and flexible learning, tailor-made to suit the availability and schedule of our customers. We engage professional, dedicated and experienced linguists who are often equally proficient in the native language of the customer and the language to be learnt. This ensures a seamless and effective exchange between languages and cultures. We look forward to welcoming Sindbad members to our virtual classroom.”

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