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Wings of Oman August Issue: Promoting Salalah Tourism Festival Globally

Date: 5 August 2014
Wings of Oman

Oman Air’s Wings of Oman magazine once again looks at the best of world travel – locally in the Sultanate of Oman, and internationally in Kuala Lumpur.

The Wings of Oman ‘Check Out’ feature profiles why the Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur is the perfect place for travellers to be involved with world-class outdoor adventure experiences. Whitewater rafting, trekking in the jungle, paragliding, nature reserves, skydiving, scuba diving, rock climbing, and many other outdoor-related activities are all part of the package.

‘Love for Oman gathers us’ is the theme for the Salalah Tourism Festival, which is currently underway in Salalah, Dhofar, and which Wings of Oman profiles in its ‘Check In’ section. Almost two million visitors have been experiencing this festival annually for the last couple years and a large attendance is once again present at this year’s event.

The event is organised by the Dhofar Municipality, and is a collective cultural extravaganza of Omani tradition and culture. Travellers to Dhofar during this time also make the most of the blissfully cool temperatures of the ‘Khareef’ monsoon season experienced from June through to September.

Then, the Wings of Oman ‘Must See: Oman’ page profiles the coves, coastal waterways, sea cliffs and beaches of Bander Al Khayran – and describes why the place is a paradise for those that love the sea and its and marine life.

The ‘Body & Mind’ feature looks at why a good night’s sleep is essential for a happy and efficient lifestyle; and the ‘Business & Tech’ feature looks at some marketing tips that can increase the demand for your product offerings.

Wings of Oman also includes a three-page diary of events currently taking place around the world. It also features an ‘Omani Souvenirs’ page, ‘Fashion & Trends’ section, ‘World View’ photography page, and a very special ‘Oman View’ page, featuring talented Omani artists and photographers. There is also a ‘Travel Guide’ section, and pages containing the latest news from Oman Air.

Wings of Oman, the in-flight publication of the Sultanate of Oman’s national carrier, Oman Air, is produced and presented every month in both Arabic and English by the Corporate Communications and Media Department of Oman Air, in association with National Publishing and Advertising (NPA). Every month 21 000 copies of Wings of Oman are circulated.

The recently re-designed Wings of Oman was the result of a collaborative effort between the editorial and design team of one of Oman’s leading publishing houses, National Publishing and Advertising (NPA), and the Corporate Communications and Media Department of Oman Air. Readers can look forward to navigating their way through a magazine that is truly entertaining, up-to-date, and relevant to their modern-day lifestyles.

The magazine’s readership includes an eclectic mix of on-board business and leisure travellers. Wings of Oman also gets distributed on the ground to all the Oman Air offices at the international destinations it flies to – as well as offline agents across the Middle East, Africa and Europe; government officials and embassies throughout Oman; the Oman Tourism offices; leading local and international hotels; and important travel shows around the world.

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