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Oman Air Responds To Comments Associated To Its in-flight menus

Date: 14 July 2007

In this regard Corporate Communications and Media Department Said that the airline industry is an enormous universal business that is essential to world economies. In today's environment, it faces many challenges and a tight operational strategy is critical to survive. In-flight catering is a central part of these strategies at all levels. As for the comments being released recently associated to Oman Air’s in-flight menus served on Muscat – Salalah – Muscat sectors, Corporate Communication And Media Department in Oman Air acknowledged that new menus have been put into service effective 1st July 2007, and confirmed that all Oman Aviation Services meals cater to IATA’s special meal codes for dietary or religious reasons. They added, “We believe our customers are our partners, and we are constantly striving to strengthen that partnership in every way possible to offer superb quality product, to continually achieve complete customer satisfaction. We at Oman Air gauge our success by our customers’ contentment, the Department added.

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Sumaya Bint Saif Al Busaidi, Senior Manager Catering commented on this saying, “Oman air menus are planned on a three cycle which will rotate every 10 days offering different menus depending on rotation, and the inbound and out bound are different menus. Here at Oman Air, we are committed to fully understanding the needs of our customers and our consumers in order to boost their confidence in our in-flight menus. We place emphasis on the quality and variety of food in order to gain highest customer satisfaction in the four dimensions of Taste, Eye, Smell, and Content. Menus are reviewed regularly based on customer feedback and a complete change / overhaul on menus is done annually, addressing new concepts, equipments, color schemes, etc. Customer satisfaction feedback will inform strategies for improvement.”

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She added, “Menu choice is built through considering passenger profile, route, time of flight, duration of flight, equipments, industrial practice, service style, eating trends – healthy, seasons. To enhance our products, we utilize authentic Arabic dishes, expand the range of products on offer, redesign menu cards, and exploit different presentation concepts for the cards to break monotony. Where applicable the concept is standardized to a choice of a regional dish, International dish and a vegetarian choice to offer choice on preference to the Passenger. She affirmed in conclusion that food safety is a priority in the entire food production process from supplier and product evaluation to delivery of the product to the respective aircraft. HACCP principles are followed to ensure food safety with analysis of products on microbiological assessments at different stages in the production cycle.

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