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Earn miles with Oman Air

Earn Sindbad miles with Oman Air

Every time you fly with Oman Air on qualifying flights, you earn Sindbad miles. The number of miles you earn will depend on the route you fly, the cabin you choose, the booking class and finally your Sindbad Tier. It's easy to earn miles for your flight. Simply provide your Sindbad number when you make your reservation, and make sure that it appears on your boarding pass at check-in.

Use the Mileage Calculator to determine how many miles you can earn flying Oman Air. Save your boarding pass until your miles have been credited to your Sindbad account. If your miles haven't been credited within 48 hours, please request credit online within 6 months of your travel date.

The route you fly

The number of miles you earn for a given route is based on the distance between the two airports. For example, if you take a flight from Muscat to London Heathrow, you will earn up to 3624 miles in Economy.

Your class of travel

You will earn up to 100% bonus Sindbad miles when you fly Business Class and up to 200% bonus miles when flying First Class.
Route: Muscat - London
Class Class bonus Sindbad miles earned Tier miles
First Class 300% 10872 10872
Business Class 200% 7248 7248
Economy Class 100% 3624 3624

Your booking class and mileage earning

Travel on Oman Air flights in qualifying booking classes and earn Sindbad miles. You will earn Sindbad miles based on the class you have booked your flight on.

Tier miles

In addition to the Sindbad miles, you earn Tier miles when you fly on Oman Air. Tier miles help you to qualify for the next higher membership tier, taking you from Blue on to Silver and up to Gold. You will earn 1 Tier mile for every mile flown on Economy class, 2 Tier miles for every mile flown on Business class and 3 Tier miles for every mile flown when travelling in First class as illustrated in the table below.

Tier miles are only earned for your activities on Oman Air. Partner activities do not earn any Tier miles. To know your Tier progress at any time, simply login to you Sindbad account and use the “Tier scale”

Your Sindbad membership status

Once you reach Silver and Gold Tier, you will earn bonus Sindbad miles when flying with Oman Air. Sindbad Silver members will earn a bonus of 25% and Sindbad Gold members will earn a Gold tier bonus of 50%.
Type of fare Booking class Sindbad miles Tier miles
Full fare First Class P 300% of flown miles 300% of flown miles
Discounted First Class F 250% of flown miles 300% of flown miles
Full fare Business Class J 200% of flown miles 200% of flown miles
Discounted Business Class C, D, R 150% of flown miles 200% of flown miles
Full fare Economy Class Y 100% of flown miles 100% of flown miles
Promotional Economy Class B, H, M 50% of flown miles 100% of flown miles
Discounted Economy Class I, K, L, N, O, Q, T, U 25% of flown miles 100% of flown miles

The flight you choose

From time to time, we run promotions that will earn you bonus Sindbad miles for specific flights. So keep track of the promotions and choose your flights wisely to earn even more miles.
Learn more about the terms & conditions for earning Sindbad miles here

Qualifying flights

The following options do not qualify to earn Sindbad miles and cannot be used to avail of Sindbad benefits: All types of Free travel tickets, Industry and Agent discounted tickets, Chartered flights, Flight rewards, specially discounted diplomat and government tickets or highly discounted tickets (booked in non-revenue booking classes) by Oman Air or any other airlines.

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