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Earn miles

Earn miles

Sindbad miles

Sindbad mile is the basic currency of Sindbad. Collecting Sindbad miles is easy. All you have to do is,

Fly with Oman Air or our partner airlines.

Spend with any of our global partners or exchange your loyalty points from our partners for Sindbad miles.

Buy/Gift or Transfer miles.

Earn miles with Oman Air
Earn miles with our partners
Buy, gift or transfer miles

Keeping track of the Sindbad miles you earn

It's easy to earn miles for your flight. Simply provide your 9 digit Sindbad number when you make your reservation, and make sure that it appears on your boarding pass at check-in.

To ensure your miles get automatically credited to your account, the full name on your reservation must match the name on your Sindbad card.

Remember to quote your Sindbad number when spending with our partners and present your Sindbad card when making the payment.

In case you've forgotten to quote your Sindbad number, you can still claim missing miles for up to 6 months after your flight or partner transaction. Save your flight ticket details, or invoice details, log on to your Sindbad account and visit the “Claim missing miles” section. Make sure you keep track of your account until you see the miles credited.

To help you keep tabs on your mileage balance, we will send you regular updates. You can also keep track by checking your Sindbad account online.

Check your Sindbad miles balance in your Sindbad account at My account and ensure all activities are recorded.
Find out how many miles you will earn for your travels.

Validity of Sindbad miles

Sindbad miles are valid for a period of 3 years from the date they were earned. Please check your account to keep a track of miles earned and spend them before they expire.

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