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Oman Air Grants Young Omanis The Opportunity To Become Pilots

Date: 9 Sep 2007

Mr. Amar Nasser Divisional Manager Human Resource and Administration said, “The dream of becoming a Pilot might come true for young Omanis, since Oman Air once again takes a significant initiative in the area of Professional Pilot recruitment, being all set to select and recruit a new group of 15 young dynamic school leavers as Cadet Pilots, object to applying by 15 September 2007. Recently a group of nine young Omani Pilots has graduated from UK, and at present undertaking 4 phases of training conducted in accordance with the laws and standards of The Civil Aviation, issued by the Omani Directorate of Civil Aviation and Meteorology at Oman Air's Flight Operations Ground School.”

Boeing 737-800

He added saying that Oman Air has always been committed to fulfilling its promise to groom young people for leadership positions. It is committed to recruit the best possible staff and offering Omani Nationals the opportunity to work with one of the region's most experienced airlines. The Cadet Pilot Programme is part of the training programme initiated by Oman Air for the Nationals. These programmes aim to create meaningful and rewarding employment for qualified Nationals in accordance with the Omanization policy. They are designed to allow young people to gain exposure to the diverse disciplines within the airline. Selected candidates have to complete successfully an initial 15 month intense training period in Australia this time, before being accepted as Second Officers and then progressing to the final of four-month phase of training, after which they become First Officers. 

“Pilots are the focal point and end operator in a huge team of highly trained professionals. They are the movie stars of the air transportation show, because they are the most visible people to the public, while most of the other team members remain behind the scenes. This job is not for everybody, but it is a uniquely thrilling and fascinating profession. A person, who takes a multimillion-dollar machine, casually flies it off the ground and then safely returns it, fascinates people. Candidates interested in a career as a pilot can opt for our Cadet Pilot scheme immediately. A keen interest in taking up life-long challenges as an airline pilot is a prerequisite stating that for those who possess the relevant experience, Oman Air has careers at the commander level.” He further noted.

Boeing 737-800

Corporate Communication and Media Department in Oman Air acknowledged that it is a great feeling to be a pilot for Oman Air. All one needs is sincerity, hard work, competitive spirit and the determination to succeed. Oman Air develops tomorrow’s career pilot through the most unique industry specific training experience that exceeds the expectations with uncompromising emphasis on quality and safety. Each pilot is trained to be an effective crewmember and employee with a positive attitude, strong work ethics, sound aeronautical decision-making skills, and exceptional airmanship. They affirmed that Oman Air has built up a reputation as a strong, competitive leader in the airline industry. The Company is committed to recruiting and nurturing bright and dynamic individuals to meet our manpower needs. In the new millennium, Oman Air mission is to seek out new ways to develop and improve our position as a leader in aviation excellence. The National carrier of the Sultanate Oman maintains an unwavering commitment to innovation through a unique and focused strategy that differentiates us within the industry. Flying an airplane is fun. Being paid to do it is even better they said in conclusion.  

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