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Base Maintenance


The department consists of Base Maintenance team performing maintenance on aircrafts and aircraft workshops. It also includes Production Planning & Control which handles the planning & documentation of maintenance and overlooks the maintenance performed overseas. The department also overlooks the Technical Procurement and warehouse management.


Base Maintenance:

Base maintenance is staffed with experienced and well trained engineers and technicians that perform maintenance on Oman Air and Customer aircraft. They currently support all the in-house capability to perform maintenance falling below scheduled C-checks & aircraft modifications in Muscat.

Base Maintenance team also includes Cabin Maintenance team responsible for ensuring Oman Air fleet and Third party aircraft cabin maintenance is performed in the most efficient and effective method and as per the maintenance procedures for interior repairs and modification to maintain highest possible standards for our guests.

The section also includes several workshops to include Sheet Metal & Composite Shop, Upholstery Shop, Safety equipment’s, Wheels & Brakes, Engines & Propellers, Paint, Avionics and NDT shop.

The shop provides support to service, repair and overhaul aircraft components/equipment’s for Oman Air fleet and also third party customers and other ad-hoc operators as per the existing capabilities.

Planning & Production Control:

Supports aircraft maintenance and all related functions by planning such activities to satisfy airworthiness requirements, manufacturers' recommendations and commercial scheduling. The same is achieved by proactively forecasting and tracking maintenance tasks and ensure proper utilisation of all maintenance intervals and managing aircraft component staggering programs.

Production Planning & Control also supports Outsourced Heavy Maintenance by managing all the outsourced heavy maintenance activities in MRO and ensuring all Oman Air requirements are met in a timely and efficient manner.

The section also includes Technical Records responsible to control and maintain maintenance records of work carried out on all aircrafts and aircraft components that are currently listed for Oman air in accordance with DGCAR authority requirements.

Technical Procurement and Warehouse

The Technical Warehouse and Procurement department is focused on supporting operational aircraft material requirements and implementing procedures as per company guidelines for the provisioning of aircraft spare parts and other materials to support the aircraft in order to maintain company's flying schedule to the agreed dispatch reliability at minimum cost.

The Technical Procurement section serves several main functions which include:

  • Supplier development and evaluation and also managing component exchange programs and repairs as per company guidelines.
  • Material float level management
  • Material Planning
  • AOG spares support on 24/7 basis across the network

The Technical Warehouse section includes the function of managing Engineering technical inventory and ensuring storage is set up to the level required. Other responsibilities include:

  • Manage Inventory and support the demand for parts from maintenance staff.
  • Manage stock Float & conduct stock audit checks
  • Manage the process of Goods receipt including Airworthiness inspection, binning and distribution of parts, shelf life control, ensure that the storage environment is maintained per laid down regulations and ensure risk of damage or deterioration of parts is minimized.
  • Control calibration of tools and test equipments as required.

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