Baggage Services

Oman Air's baggage policy is designed to expedite the check-in process, and alleviate congestion in the aircraft during the boarding process to facilitate on-time departure of your flight.

Claiming Your Checked baggage

You will be able to retrieve your checked–in baggage from the Baggage Claim area at the airport of destination. Since many baggages are quite similar in style and colour, we recommend that you inspect your luggage closely and check the baggage tag which was placed t the origin to ensure you claim your own items.
If you are unable to locate your baggage upon arrival, you should notify a Baggage Service agent prior to leaving the airport. At that time, the agent will assist you file a Passenger Irregularity Report which will assist us to locate the baggage.


Claim Procedure for Baggage Irregularities

In the unlikely event that we do not locate your baggage within 5 days, the following documentation must be presented to the closest Oman Air airport or reservations office.

  • A completed Baggage Claim Questionnaire that was handed over when you reported the loss or damage.
  • The initial report (Passenger Irregularity Report) filed at the airport of destination where your travel was completed.
  • Claim potions of the Baggage identification labels.
  • Ticket/s (in the case of not using an electronic ticket).
  • Boarding card/s.
  • Copy of the passenger’s identity card/passport.



Baggage Complaints/Enquiries

For all your immediate written enquiries pertaining to loss or damaged bag, please contact our nearest Oman Air Office or our Baggage Services Agents at your destination airport. We wish to advise you to provide the following information:

  • Name of passenger traveling (as read on ticket)
  • Baggage Irregularity Report reference number (PIR)
  • Flight number and date of travel
  • Airport location where baggage report was filed
  • Any other pertinent information



Filing a Claim

To file a claim, please see Claim Procedure for Baggage Irregularities (above). For all other miscellaneous baggage related claim or complaint may be sent in writing to:

Mundhir Al-Khusaibi
Officer-Baggage Services Customer Support Dept.
P.O. Box 58
Muscat International Airport, PC 111
Sultanate of Oman
fax: +968 24 521284


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