First & Business Class Arrival Lounge

The muse behind our arrival lounge was the drive to embrace the “inspired by nature” concept by integrating the natural and environmental elements seen all around us, we believe it reflects the ideological trend of modern design with its simple and pure aesthetic. The overall combination of our carefully selected fundamentals, from the color scheme to the lightning and the elegant space itself, provides a tranquil and bright atmosphere to all of our visiting premium guests.

First Class Mini Suite

This lounge is especially curated to provide for the needs of you, our premium guest, traveling on Oman Air heading to Muscat International Airport, making sure you have the ability to lengthen your sleep during your next flight by being able to skip the onboard breakfast service or freshen up ahead of your day in the city by taking advantage of the private shower facilities and lavatories.

First Class Mini Suite

As a guest, you are met at reception with a warm welcome as you check in your baggage for safekeeping in your Luggage room. The lounge offers a wide selection of food and non-alcoholic beverages. You are able to catch up on world news with the array of newspapers and magazines on hand or utilize the semi-private meeting room.

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