Junior Sindbad

At Oman Air we appreciate all our guests, big or small. Just like our adult travelers there are rewards for our Junior fliers too. With our Junior Sindbad Flyer Program, children ages 4 to 12 can participate in our fun onboard activity and win a free flight! The process is easy, all you have to do is collect one of our Junior Sindbad Flyer passports from a crew member, fill in your personal details, and get it stamped and signed by the Captain each time you fly. Once you’ve collected 10 stamps you can exchange the passport for a free return ticket in Economy Class to any Oman Air destination.

First Class Mini Suite

Say Hello to Sindbad and Farah

Introducing Sindbad and Farah, part of our Junior Sindbad Flyer program. Young flyers will be kept entertained with fun activities, puzzles and stories to take them on an exciting journey through all the wonderful sights of Oman.

First Class Mini Suite

Your Sindbad Passport

The passports must be stamped and signed by the captain only during the flight and cannot be obtained after the event of travel. They will be considered “void” once a free ticket is issued, and a fresh passport will be given on the next Oman Air flight you take. The passport must be filled, and all ten stamps completed within a period of two years from the first flight.

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