Discover Muttrah’s Rich Treasures

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Muttrah – Oman’s ancient center of commerce – is now an exciting, thriving home to history, culture, shopping and dining with something special for everyone.


Visitors and residents are drawn to the central Muscat district’s corniche, home of the famed Muttrah Souq, an endlessly intriguing hub of the district. This energy-filled, traditional market offers everything from artful textiles and jewellery to souvenirs and everyday needs such as hardware and haircuts.





It’s a pleasure to simply wander through the souq’s narrow walkways full of small shops amid exotic scents of perfumes and frankincense. Let the alluring aromas and collection of bright colours take you where they may, past beckoning merchants and people from across the globe, as it was hundreds of years ago.


You could spend many enjoyable hours there, haggling over handicrafts and attempting to make sense of the maze, especially if you venture away from the heavily touristic main drag into the tangled backstreets beyond.


Explore Muttrah Fort
Located a short walk from the souk and on top of a rocky, narrow hill which offers spectacular views and opportunities for photographers, Muttrah Fort consists of three circular towers: The largest tower in the complex, which was built by the Portuguese in the 1580s, sits atop the summit. Visiting Muttrah Fort, home to a collection of ancient artefacts and weapons including 9 cannons, is an enjoyable, educational journey which takes you to Oman’s distant past.



Find Fresh Fish
Muttrah’s newly modernised fish market is near the Sultan Qaboos Port, just west of the souk. The market sports attractive architecture and design features to ensure visitors can select from a vast array of just-caught seafood while enjoying a vibrant element of the local culture. The market also has a section for fresh produce so visitors can stop by, enjoy a unique cultural experience and get everything they need to create healthy meals with fresh, healthy food.

Savour History & Culture
Bait Al Baranda is an excellent cultural-history museum and art gallery which tells Oman’s rich, fascinating story through creative, interactive exhibits detailing the nation’s ancient times, its transformation into a modern country and its astonishing achievements in the 21st century.





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