Corporate Social Responsibility

Oman Air seeks to create a strong and effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme that aims to work with international goals, promote and preserve Oman’s rich culture and unique heritage that has the potential to enhance the tourism experience in Oman and develop and empower the local communities of Oman. Oman Air’s CSR activities are expansive, and are working to embrace social, economic and environmental issues within various community groups. The key CSR strategic focuses for Oman Air are:

  • Support in research and development
  • Beautification of Oman with its communities
  • Community-driven heritage sites restoration
  • Cultural events for underprivileged children
  • Clean up of Oman’s nature destinations
  • Empowerment of persons with disabilities
  • Development of rural waste management systems
  • Building capacity of local guides
  • Supporting local environmental programmes

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