We fly across the world via our hub at Muscat International Airport, However, through our network of partners, we go where ever our client needs us to be.


In line with offering our customers access to an extensive destinations network, Oman Air Cargo offers road service throughout Europe to complement its Aircraft Cargo destinations. The road feeder services are operated by well establish partner companies specialized in dealing with air and land cargo transportation. Allowing us to offer access to more than 75 cities across Europe, in addition to the major destinations that we fly to. Enjoy the convenience of having your shipments delivered securely and on time, wherever you may need them to be.

Europe Africa Middle East Asia Fareast
London Cairo Amman Bahrain Islamabad Lahore Bangkok
Paris Zanzibar Kuwait Doha Karachi Kochi Kuala Lumpur
Frankfurt Dar Es Salaam Madina Abu Dhabi New Delhi Mumbai Jakerta
Munich Nairobi Riyadh Khasab Chennai Jaipur Guangzhou
Zurich Casablanca Jeddah Salalah Hyderbad Goa Manila
Milan Alexandria Dammam Tehran Lucknow Kozhikode  
Manchester   Mashhad Dubai Banglore Thiruvananthapuram  
Athena       Colombo Kathmandu  

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