Press Releases

Oman Air flies people to their homelands

Date: 20 of Jul 2020   Oman Air, the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, continues to serve the nation and its customers with 61 special flights from 28 March to 30 June to bring people to Oman and to their homes in other countries. The airline has taken passenger, some of whom were outside Oman for medical treatment, to and from 30 cities including Cairo, Paris, Bangkok, Dubai and Riyadh. A number of the flights to Muscat also delivered cargo to the country.

Oman Air Joins Hands with BankDhofar to Provide Payment Solution

Date: 13 of Jul 2020   Within its endeavor to enhance customers' banking experience by providing highly secured payment solutions. BankDhofar joined hands with Oman Air to launch an E-commerce Payment Gateway platform. The initiative will enable Oman Air customers to process their air tickets booking online, using their debit cards and receive instant responses of the payment transactions.

Oman Air delivers cargo to serve the Sultanate

Date: 8 of Jul 2020

Oman Air Ensures Effective Aircraft Maintenance & Staff Safety

Date: 03 of Jun 2020

Oman Air Ensures Crewmembers & Guests Stay Safe

Date: 27 of May 2020

Oman Air Brings Citizens Home from London

Date: 19 of May 2020

Oman Air continues cargo-only flights to serve the Sultanate

Date: 29 of Apr 2020

Oman Air brings citizens home from Tunisia and Cyprus

Date: 23 of Apr 2020

Oman Air will bring citizens with medical conditions home from Thailand

Date: 16 of Apr 2020

Oman Air returns citizens and supplies to the Sultanate

Date: 15 of Apr 2020

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