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Wings of Oman Promotes Muscat Festival 2014 in Latest Issue

Date: 31 Dec 2013
Wings of Oman

The January 2014 edition of Wings of Oman heads off into the New Year in style, with a feature-profile of the much-loved Muscat Festival, which will be taking place from 23 January to 22 February this year.

With the success of last year’s festival in mind – and considering that Oman Air will be serving as the Muscat Festival’s official carrier this year – the 2014 event should be as memorable and spectacular as ever.

Since the first Muscat Festival went ahead in 1998, it has grown steadily from year to year. It now serves as a celebration of the rich culture and tradition – as well as the modern lifestyle – of Oman and Muscat.

Wings of Oman is the in-flight magazine of the Sultanate of Oman’s national carrier, Oman Air. Besides the Muscat Festival feature, the January 2014 edition contains a bunch of informative, inspiring and entertaining articles that should not go unread…

The magazine’s ‘International Destination’ feature profiles the iconic travel destination of Kathmandu, in Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley was once believed to be the fabled Shangri-La – a fictional, earthly paradise and utopia, isolated from the outside world. Because of this, a visit to the exotic Kathmandu has often been claimed as an essential rite of passage for ‘serious’ travellers. Oman Air flies one flight daily between Muscat – Kathmandu. If you’ve ever dreamed of travelling to Kathmandu and Nepal, maybe this is the year to do it!

Who wants to make 2014 their happiest year ever? For some people, feelings of unhappiness – and sadness, anger, frustration etc – affect their day-to-day lives for extended periods. In the ‘Health & Beauty’ section this month, Wings of Oman investigates this disorder, which we know as clinical depression. More importantly, the article also looks at what we can do about it.

The Wings of Oman ‘Business’ section profiles ways in which your business can achieve a sustained competitive advantage. In business-speak, ‘competitive advantage’ is a term that has a lot to do with the question, ‘Why should customers come to us?’ If you can come up with a convincing answer for this, then your business is headed in the right direction.

The ‘Fashions & Trends’ feature profiles a womenswear range that features clean, minimalistic lines and a combination of what the designer calls ‘courage with comfort’ styling. The feature also profiles an elegant and practically designed bag collection that the modern on-the-go man would treasure.

As usual, the magazine documents the major festivals, events, and sports currently taking place around the world. It also features easy-reading ‘Book Reviews’, ‘World Tour’, and ‘Time Out’ sections – as well as a ‘World View’ feature, which showcases some remarkable photos from around the globe. The ‘Take 4’ page looks at some of the Sultanate of Oman’s magnificent (and sometimes rarely seen) wildlife.

Wings of Oman is produced and presented every month in both Arabic and English by the Corporate Communications and Media Department of Oman Air, in association with National Publishing and Advertising (NPA), who are one of Oman’s foremost publishing houses. Every month 21 000 copies of Wings of Oman are circulated.

The magazine’s readership includes an eclectic mix of on-board business and leisure travellers. Wings of Oman also gets distributed on the ground to all the Oman Air offices at the international destinations it flies to – as well as offline agents across the Middle East, Africa and Europe; government officials and embassies throughout Oman; the Oman Tourism offices; leading local and international hotels; and important travel shows around the world.

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