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Wings of Oman discovers More splendors in Oman

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The second volume / 2006 of Wings of Oman, Oman Air’s in-flight magazine was released recently, enclosing a number of interesting articles correlated to travel, tourism, health and business.

This issue spreads its wings to take you in a tour to experience the unmatched Omani natural beauty of genuine heritage, and unadulterated attractions.

For all those seeking adventure and serenity, get ready to take off and outlook the charm of the Sharqiyah Sands. The virgin desert along with, the unspoiled cost line is the aim of tourists and scientists in quest of uncovering the secrecies hidden underneath the eternal enormous amount of sands, along the stretched beaches.

Bander AL-Khyran, the haven of tidal creeks and sheltered bays fringed in places by mangroves. It is the ultimate hideaway for those who prefer serenity and clean environment. There is a wealth of scenery, wildlife, and thrill beckoning the more intrepid underwater explorer in Oman. Bander AL-Khyran’s real charm is that it lacks pretensions.

Oman hospitality is legendary, a story on the famous Omani Halwa which is the symbol of this deep rooted tradition. Also, the return of the Arabian Oryx, yet another topic depicts one of the most treasured animals, and the international conservation effort backed by the Omani government, to bring back this handsome antelope, once the pride of Oman’s wildlife heritage.

If you enjoy traveling, and on the look for an attractive destination, wings of Oman will grant you the opportunity to explore a gulf pearl. Kuwait is blessed with many interesting sights and welcomes the visitors.

Boeing 737-800

On this occasion, Mr. Usama bin Karim Al Haremi, Manger Corporate Communications & Media Department said, wings of Oman, Oman Air’s in-flight magazine is a bi-monthly publication made available on board Oman Air’s flights, our stations abroad, hotels, travel agencies and tourist exhibitions world wide. The aim is to highlight the foremost tourist attractions, to promote Oman as a distinguished tourist destination, and to cheer tourists for sightseeing.

He added, due to its cautiously chosen articles, what's more amusing stories and the enhanced layout, Oman Air in-flight magazine has occupied a key spot among other valued airlines magazines. We are conceited with our customer’s positive feedback concerning the magazine, in which reassure admiration and acceptance.

He concluded, since Oman Air is the preferred airlines to the elite businessmen and tourists, a remarkable increase of advertisements by businesses have been notably accomplished within the magazine pages, for the aim of introducing their products in the national carrier’s in-flight magazine Wings of Oman, in which can be obtained free of charge by direct coordination with Corporate Communication & Media Department - Oman Air, the department responsible, in relation to publishing the magazine

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