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Wings of Oman: June 2014 - ‘Flying The Achievements Of The Omani Youth To Wide Horizons’

Date: 4 Jun 2014
Wings of Oman

One of the highlights in the latest issue of Oman Air’s Wings of Oman magazine is the focus on the achievements of Oman’s youth and young adult population – and the valuable initiatives they’re currently involved in to promote the Sultanate of Oman in various fields.

As usual, the magazine focuses on the most important events and activities currently taking place around the world, and also showcases a selection of local and international tourism destinations that are guaranteed to satisfy the curiosity of the modern day traveller.

The magazine’s lead feature looks at the Oman in Focus photography tour experience. The high quality natural lighting, spectacular landscapes and fascinating array of people and culture make the Sultanate of Oman a dream destination for professional and amateur photographers. The Oman in Focus tour, the brain child of noted Omani photographer Maisa Al Hooti, makes the most of all of this.

This issue then highlights the very special start to the racing season that the Oman Air Brand Ambassador, Ahmad Al Harthi, has had. Ahmad recently took the win at the prestigious GT British Auto Racing championship’s first stage event, at the Olton Park racing circuit. He will now be looking forward to participating in more major motor racing championships around the world this year, and looking forward to doing well in his new Aston Martin – which is arguably the best racing car in the world!

The featured international destination for June is the gorgeous East African island of Zanzibar – along with the nearby Pemba and Mafia Islands; and Dar Es Salaam, on Tanzania’s coastline. The white sand beaches, azure blue seas, palm trees and traditional dhows are what have lured travellers to this part of the world for many years. But there are now also music, film and fashion festivals that are well worth visiting.

The magazine’s ‘Must See: Oman’ page showcases Masirah Island, which is a located off the central, eastern part of the Sultanate’s coastline. Masirah represents a true Arabian-style ‘desert island’ experience.

Other editorial offerings include the ‘Body & Mind’ feature, which looks at the (serious!) medical benefits of laughter; and the ‘Business & Tech’ feature, which looks at the advantages of good personal branding.

Wings of Oman also includes a three-page diary of events currently taking place around the world. It also features an ‘Omani Souvenirs’ page, ‘Fashion & Trends’ section, ‘World View’ photography page, and a very special ‘Oman View’ page, featuring talented Omani artists and photographers. There is also a ‘Travel Guide’ section, and pages containing the latest news from Oman Air.

Wings of Oman, the in-flight publication of the Sultanate of Oman’s national carrier, Oman Air, is produced and presented every month in both Arabic and English by the Corporate Communications and Media Department of Oman Air, in association with National Publishing and Advertising (NPA). Every month 21 000 copies of Wings of Oman are circulated.

The recently re-designed Wings of Oman was the result of a collaborative effort between the editorial and design team of one of Oman’s leading publishing houses, National Publishing and Advertising (NPA), and the Corporate Communications and Media Department of Oman Air. Readers can look forward to navigating their way through a magazine that is truly entertaining, up-to-date, and relevant to their modern-day lifestyles.

The magazine’s readership includes an eclectic mix of on-board business and leisure travellers. Wings of Oman also gets distributed on the ground to all the Oman Air offices at the international destinations it flies to – as well as offline agents across the Middle East, Africa and Europe; government officials and embassies throughout Oman; the Oman Tourism offices; leading local and international hotels; and important travel shows around the world.

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