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Wings of Oman’s May Issue Presents a Plethora of Interesting Articles to Its Readers

Date: 5 May 2013
Wings of Oman

The fifth issue of ‘Wings of Oman’, the in-flight magazine of Oman Air, the national carrier of Oman, has a lot in store for its myriad readers.

May issue’s ‘International Destination’ focuses on Zanzibar, the vibrant and colourful country, its history, culture and key touristic attractions such as the Stone Town, the Old Dispensary (the Stone Town Cultural Centre), Dr. David Livingstone’s House, the House of Wonders, among others.

It also traces the age-old connection between Oman and Zanzibar. For centuries, Zanzibar has lured traders, adventurers, raiders and explorers to its shores from around the world. While many came and went, some like the Shirazi Persians and Omani Arabs, stayed to settle and rule. The Arab Fort built in the late 17th century by the Omanis to defend the island bear testimony to their rule.

Under the ‘It’s Oman’ section, the May issue of Wings of Oman also has an interesting feature story on the fascinating islands in Oman such as Barr Al Hikman, one of the most important and globally recognised bird migration stations in the entire Southeast Asia region, Ad Dimaniyat Island (Nature Reserve), one of the most beautiful diving locations in the Sea of Oman, Al-Halaniyat Islands, Masirah Island, Telegraph Islands (Jazirat al Maqlab) and Quoin Island (As Salamah Island).

The ‘Business’ article covers the main dos and don’ts regarding email communication with its article ‘Email Etiquette’. It assumes significance since email is the most preferred mode of communication in today’s world and it helps one to know how to manage it best and more importantly how not to misuse or abuse its power.

The ‘Health & Beauty’ section discusses ways and tangible means of finding that elusive peace in today’s hectic lifestyle. The health article reveals ways of how to have peace within oneself by using simple yet effective techniques like breathing easy, taking a nap and getting away from it all by taking an occasional break.

People like to know about the latest ‘Fashions & Trends’ and the Wings of Oman magazine has just that with interesting ways on how to make a fashion statement.

The Wings of Oman issue also covers the major sports happenings in May such as the French Open in its ‘Sports’ section, as well as the major festivals around the world such as Cannes Film Festival under its ‘Festivals’ page.

Wings of Oman also takes its readers on a ‘World Tour’ of major waterfalls such as Wadi Darbat Waterfall in Oman and the Jog Waterfalls in India. Major world events such as the forthcoming Arabian Travel Market in Dubai and the 20th Annual World Travel Awards in Maldives are also covered in the ‘Event Horizon’ page. ‘Book Reviews’ and the ‘Time Out’ section make for light leisure reading.

This informative, easy to read, absorb and assimilate in-flight magazine Wings of Oman, is produced and presented every month in both Arabic and English by the Corporate Communications and Media Department of Oman Air, in association with National Publishing and Advertising (NPA), one of Oman’s foremost publishing houses and is eagerly looked forward to by Oman Air eclectic mix of business and leisure travellers, hotels, ministries, embassies and other key government installations month after month.

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