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Sultan Qaboos University honored Oman Air for training its students

Boeing 737-800

The Faculty of Arts and social sciences at The Sultan Qaboos University has recently honored Oman Air, appreciating its endeavors in relation to training the University’s Media Section students.

This acknowledgement came from the University as recognition of Oman Air’s valuable contribution, in developing its student’s skills in the field of media, through the designed training programs planned by the Training Centre, in collaboration with Corporate Communications & Media Department.

It is worth mentioning that Oman Air’s Training Centre, in coordination with other different departments of the company have been admitting on annual bases, many university and college undergraduates studying in different sections of the University, to do on job training for the aim of raising the awareness of the students about the market, and help them to get acquainted with the latest developments in their related fields.

Oman Air is fully confident, of the importance of the practical experience role, in which is not of any less importance, than the theoretical side, for enhancing the skills of students, and equip them to confront future challenges, and to be constructive citizens in our beloved country Oman. Oman Air is extremely proud to participate in such training as part of its national obligation.

Boeing 737-800

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