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For the Second Consecutive Year Oman Air Training Centre Recognised Among the Top Ten Authorized in Middle East

Date: 10 Jun 2013
Boeing 737-800

The Oman Air Training Centre has been awarded a much-coveted place in IATA's Middle East 2012 Top Ten Authorized Training Centre listing for the second continuous year. This confirms the high standards of Oman Air’s training and staff development which not only caters to the needs of the staff, but also attracts people from other organisations to utilize the resources provided at the Oman Air Training Centre.

The centre runs a range of courses for which accreditation has been granted by the Oman Civil Aviation Authority, IATA, Swiss Air and Lufthansa.

Boeing 737-800

IATA, the International Air Transport Association, bestowed the top-ten placing in recognition of an outstanding contribution by the ATC (Authorized Training Centre) in developing human capital for tomorrow's air transport industry.

Abdulaziz Alraisi, Chief Officer Management Affairs, Oman Air, said: "IATA accreditation is a major milestone for us and IATA's subsequent recognition of the quality of our training is a credit to all our trainers and to all employees who have used what they learned in their jobs with best results. As Oman Air has evolved from a regional airline to an international luxury carrier, we have invested significantly to ensure that the Oman Air Training Centre delivers the highest possible quality and meets our strategic aims, as well as those of our commercial clients and individual trainees."

Wayne Pearce Oman Air's Chief Executive Officer said: "We are delighted that Oman Air has been recognised by IATA for the second consecutive year, which confirms the high standards of our training and staff development. We look forward to consolidating our role as a global leader in aviation training and to promoting business excellence, not just within Oman but in the entire region."

In conclusion Wayne Pearce said: “We work in close coordination and partnership with the national directives of the country set through the Ministry of Manpower and various other government bodies. Our commitment is to continue achieving an all-round development that reaches far and wide and in all the aspects of aviation, tourism and hospitality industries.”

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