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Safety and Security standards in aviation Remain the top priority to Oman Air

Safety and security in aviation, in the air, on aircraft, and on the ground, have always remained the top priority on the agenda of Oman Air and remain in the forefront of proactive ingenuity work, planning, training and implementation.

Oman Air’s Security Department said “The National Carrier has always embraced all IATA and ICAO initiatives to enhance security and did not operate on a minimalist programme. In this difficult field, Oman Air is on top of things as they stand, and at present is carrying out an Aviation Security Training for all Front Line and Management staff  of the Company, to comply with ICAO/IATA mandatory and IOSA requirements. 

“Whilst flight crew training is conducted on a on-going basis by the Oman Air’s Security department to meet the above requirements, and the requirements of DGCAM Oman, the department in conjunction with Oman Air’s training Center is at present conducting a security training for all front line staff. Maj - Shirley Silva from Sri Lanka who is an ICAO/IATA and FAA approved Aviation Security Training Instructor is inducting these courses which comprise Cargo, Passenger Handling, Ramp Handling, Engineering and Catering staff.  The training sessions were commenced on 21st August 2006 and would conclude on 20th September 2006” They concluded.

Maj - Shirley Silva said “It is evidence that Oman Air has in place a managing structure and corporate values that actively promotes best practices in operational safety. Having become the 24th IOSA Operator within the IATA’s 255 members, I trust that this achievement was seen as a model to follow for other carriers in the Region”.

Corporate Communication and Media Department in Oman Air conformed "Safety is the Company’s number one main concern. It is worth mentioning that the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), developed by the best airline experts under the guidance of IATA that was launched in 2003, is the internationally recognized standardized programme of auditing airline operational management and control systems aimed at improving the industry operations safety. All IATA members have agreed to undergo an IOSA Audit.

Last year, was the air transport industry's best year ever with an accident rate of 0.76 per million sectors- one accident for every 1.3 million flights. IATA members did considerably better at 0.35 per million sectors--one accident for every 2.9 million flights." (Jun 7, 2006)

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