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The Royal Omani Guards Jazz Band Outshines in Jordan and overwhelms the attendees

The Royal Omani Guards Jazz Band comprised of 32 members enthralled the audience in Jordan, with its musical prowess in jazz as well as contemporary music. In addition to the classic Arabic and Omani renditions, The Royal Omani Guards Jazz Band excelled in its universal musical repertoires thereby making Oman Air's inaugural flight to Amman an absolute success.

In its statement, Oman Air's Corporate Communication & Media Department stated that, music being the language of peace fosters ties among people all over the world. Music in any form sets the tone for harmony worldwide and jazz epitomizes this essence of oneness. Jazz music first emerged in the city of New Orleans, USA in the middle of the 19th century, where brass instruments became its basic tool, and it continued evaluating throughout history, reaching towards symphony levels and getting back to its early birth sometimes. 

They added, this Jazz Band, which comprises of the best musicians was established in 1993 under the directions of HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and is moving towards becoming one among the best musical bands. The most excellent musicians were chosen from the second and third brigades (Music). They have been well prepared as proficient players to participate in the official and private events. Development continued with relation to the band’s standards reaching to its present distinctive level. 

They concluded, “During the commemoration of the inaugural Muscat Amman sector, The Jazz Band of The Royal Omani Guards played a marvelous mix of Arab Traditional music, classical European, and American jazz that generated a marvelous atmosphere and gained the gratification of all attendees on this exceptional night. The band played the greatest melodies of international jazz compilers such as Elian Gonzalez and popular artistes like Elton John.”

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It is worth mentioning that the Jazz Band of the Royal Omani Guards has been trained by the best jazz maestros from the UK and has earned a prominent position of being among the best in the field of jazz music. The tireless efforts of the musicians using different keys and tones enabled them to render the best music. The band has performed concerts in many countries in Europe as well as in Egypt.  

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