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Onam Sadhya Onboard Oman Air Flights to Kerala

Date: 09 Sep 2008

Oman Air the national carrier of Oman will celebrate Onam in the skies, by serving delicious Onam Sadhya (Onam Feast) on board Oman Air flights operating to Kerala during Onam. The Menus would be served on the Muscat / Trivandrum, Calicut and Kochi sectors. Passengers on these flights are in for this great treat.

Abdulrazaq Bin Juma Al Raisi

Abdulrazaq Bin Juma Al Raisi, Senior Manager Sales, Oman Air said that the addition of the Menus to our in-flight menu selection is a commitment towards meeting the expectations and requirements of our Indian passengers, also comes as a true mark of esteem to Malayalees who celebrate their national festival Onam on Friday September 12. We understand how important the Onam festival is to the people of Kerala, added Al Raisi. Oman is a second home to thousands of Keralites, and we are pleased to provide a start-off to their festival, by serving their favourite meal aboard. Offering Onam food is like expressing our great respect for this state and its heritage he notified.

Al Raisi highlighted that the special Onam menu will comprise of special breakfast as well as lunch feast. For breakfast, apart from the usual assorted juices as starters, there will also be fried banana with coconut and jaggery, ethakka upperi (banana chips) and sarkkara varatti (fried plantain in jaggery). The main course will consist of steamed coconut appam, vegetable stew and sujian (yellow lentil dumpling) and coconut chutney, followed by Ada pradhaman (rice flakes condensed with coconut and jaggery). The delectable fare does not end here. For lunch it is avial, sambhar, beans and carrot thoran served with kuthari (Kerela steamed rice) as the main course along with side items like kalan (raw banana in yoghurt), inji puli (ginger chutney), inji thayiru (ginger tempered with yoghurt), mango curry (mango pickle) and pappads. Non- vegetarians need not to worry as they have the option of chicken pepper fry in coconut sauce for their main course, along with other delicious items. This year Onam is on a Friday, which will prompt many to fly to their homes, utilizing their weekend holidays to celebrate the festival with their beloved ones. Adding zest to the celebrative feels, we hope will be our impressive fare, he concluded saying.

God's own country

Corporate communications and Media of Oman Air informed that Kerala, nicknamed as "God's own country", has a reputation of being one of the most beautiful states in Southern India. The state enjoys unique geographical characteristics, which makes it one of the most important tourist destinations in Asia. Onam, the National Festival of Kerala, is Kerala’s most vivid festival & begins on the special day called Thiruvonam. This falls 10 days before the harvest seasons commences in Kerala. They said that the familiar glee and excitement that comes with it has already enveloped Kerala. The weeklong Onam celebrations would be a feast to the minds and eyes of Keralites and tourists alike, and Oman Air wishes to identify with the rich culture of Kerala. They said offering Onam food is like expressing our great respect for this state and its heritage, and is also in tune with the historical ties Oman has had with the friendly nation of India.

The Onam feast served onboard the carrier last year was received with resounding response too from the passengers who flew Oman Air during that period. A regular traveler with Oman Air, Mr Sherafuddin B P, Managing Director of Muscat Bakery and Supermarkets, said that this gesture from Oman Air was indeed unique that will have many choosing Oman Air as their first choice to fly to their homeland to celebrate this festival. “By doing this, Oman Air has ensured the admiration and faithfulness of people celebrating Onam. I plan to travel to my home-city in Kerala and certainly, the Onam Sadhya onboard Oman Air would be an added attraction for me to choose Oman Air.” Another regular traveler with Oman Air, Mr M G K Menon, Deputy General Manager with Saud Bahwan Group, said that this was indeed a very welcome and unique gesture from Oman Air that would certainly be valued by everyone travelling to celebrate Onam with their folks back home.

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