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Date: 05 Jan 2008

The Vogue Oracle 2008, which is considered the definitive guide to stylish living for a New Year, was revealed. Usama Bin

Mr. Usama Al Haremi

Karim Al Haremi Oman Aviation Services (Oman Air) Head of Corporate Communications and Maida described Vogue magazine by Conde Nast being the ultimate and the world’s most important and influential magazine brand. No other magazine combines beauty, style, glamour, design, fashion, and contemporary culture in such an inspiring mix. In addition to fashion, Vogue magazine also publishes articles on art and culture, politics and society. He said that The Daily Mail of UK on 28 December 2008 under the title Fashion, music, and celebrity: Vogue's 2008 hotlist revealed wrote, if you strive to be one-step ahead of the crowd and have your finger on the pulse of the worlds of fashion, music, and celebrity, then's Oracle 2008 is not to be missed. It is the chicest online guide to where to go, what to wear, who to watch in the coming year. The Daily Mail’s article reads, “Forget Dubai, its neighbour, Oman, is the place to visit in 2008.

With its
Mr. Usama Al Haremi

wadis, markets, and rich culture, it is becoming a Mecca for eco tourists who explore its deserts, medieval cities and enjoy its mild winter climate. The Six Senses Evasion Hideaway at Zighy Bay opens next month, and will feature 82 luxury pool villas - just seven hours' flight from London.


Mr. Usama Al Haremi

Al Haremi notified that The Vogue Oracle 2008 listed Oman exclusively being The Destination for the New Year. They wrote down unfolding Oman, “A shining new alternative to Dubai, the state of Oman attracts eco-tourists with its lush wadis, diverse markets, and rich culture. Unlike its better-known neighbour, it is relatively undiscovered, with a wonderful climate during our winter, glorious mountains, spectacular deserts, medieval cities and a thousand-odd miles of seaside. The Sultan, Qaboos bin Said, has turned Oman into a modern travel destination, combining the traditional values of an ancient and rich civilisation with the attractions of up-to-date luxury. The latest of these is the Six Senses Evason Hideaway at Zighy Bay, on the remote northern coast of the peninsula, set to open in January 2008. The ultimate in chic escapism, the hotel will have 82 pool villas nestled in a dramatic setting, with mountains on one side and a sandy beach on the other. What's more - and we shouldn't be telling you this - Oman is only a seven-hour direct flight from London. What are you waiting for?

Al Haremi recalled that Vogue was described by book critic Caroline Weber in The New York Times, as "the world's most

Mr. Usama Al Haremi

influential fashion magazine. Under the ownership of New York-based magazine publisher Condé Nast and through a succession of women editors, Vogue is most famous as a presenter of images of high fashion and high society, but it also publishes writings on art, culture, politics, and ideas. The magazine celebrated its 114th birthday in 2007.

Conde Nast’s mission for VOGUE was simple: to publish the lushest, most beautifully produced, finest magazine of style and culture anywhere, ever. Over the past 115 years, Vogue has become synonymous with the best – in content, presentation, voice, and taste. It has created international trends, helped in the growth of the fashion, beauty, and luxuries industries, and has become the world’s ultimate fashion Bible. Arthur Baldwin Turnure founded vogue in 1892. When he passed away in 1909, Conde Nast picked it up and slowly began growing the publication. Today, there are different editions of Vogue published around the world: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States.

It should be noted that the Sunday Telegraph recently named Oman too as one of the “Top Dozen Desirable Destinations” Al Haremi stated. The Telegraph said that Muscat, the capital of Oman, "presents a gracious and accessible face of Islam", adding that the county will be one of the top destinations of 2008. Mark Jones in his article, which was published in the newspaper on December 31, 2007, said the destination, which has done most to give tourism a good name in the Middle East is undoubtedly Oman. The Gulf state, which shut itself off from the outside world, not too long ago, continues its expansion with the new Oman Air direct service from Gatwick to Muscat. There's a new resort and spa from Evason opening at Zighy Bay in March. Three months later, the monolithic Al Bustan Palace reopens after a lavish refurbishment. No doubt, the chandelier count will be even higher. But the Al-Bustan feels to me like a gilded white elephant in a country that has made luxury, low-impact tourism work so well.

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