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Oman TV appreciates Oman Air efforts In Omanisation

Boeing 737-800

As an appreciation for Oman Air efforts in accelerating the Omanization process and recruiting more Omanies in the prominent positions and in line with Oman TV objective to highlight the activities of the Omani cadre, the national TV has prepared two reports for this aim.

The two reports will be broadcasted on two parts in the Public well-known program called Thursday gathering (Lekaa Al Khamis) at 12.15 PM every Thursday. The first part about pilots will be displayed on 4th May and the second part about Engineers will be displayed on 11th May, 2006.

Boeing 737-800

It is worth mentioning that in the year 2005, 7 Omani trainees pilots were recruited as first officers and 10 Omani cadets are presently undergoing training at one of the esteemed aviation college in UK. Also, 4 aircraft engineers were dispatched to Egypt for a training course in Engineering.

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