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Oman Aviation Services Changes its Corporate Name

Date: 24 May 2008

As from 21 April 2008, Oman Aviation Services (SAOC), has changed its corporate name, henceforth, the new company name will be known as OMAN AIR (SAOC).

Oman Air Corporate Communications And Media stated that sometimes, the worth of a brand name could surpass the value of the hard assets. When a company's interests expand, their name often changes to become a more accurate reflection. They said, we believe that the new corporate name Oman Air, has established it self effectively within the industry, whereby reflects perfectly our company's diverse, worldwide operations.

The purpose of the name change is to more exactly reproduce our future scope, as Oman Air continues with its corporate expansion and activities, its ongoing commitment to serve the needs of the entire business aviation community, beside the travel and tourism industry, they clarified.

Corporate Communications And Media of Oman Air affirmed in conclusion that the name change is to demonstrate the national carrier of Oman new direction and national scope, the growing diversity of its constituency, furthermore will carry the airline aggressively into the next century.

 Corporate Communications And Media

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