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Oman Air Welcomes New Omani Pilot Trainees

Date: 18 Aug 2008

Another proud day for Oman Air when it welcomed the new group of 19 Omani Commercial Pilot License-holders who successfully completed their “ATPL”(Air Transport Pilot License) Bridge Course as an integral part of the Airline Professional Pilot Career Development Program which was conducted by Ayla Academy in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Oman Air stated that among the various positions that are brilliantly handled by Omani personnel at various levels, the role of a Pilot is the one that is most in demand at a global level. The 19 Pilot Trainees undertook an intensive training program and came back with commendable results. This new batch has undertaken several tests and training programmes in accordance with the new International Civil Aviation Organization “ICAO” regulations.

The next stage for them is to undergo technical courses on Oman Air fleets, safety standards, simulation, service manual specification and practice. Trainees will be closely monitored until completion of the conversion stage.

Oman Air develops tomorrow’s career pilot through the most unique industry-specific-training-experience with uncompromising emphasis on quality and safety. Each pilot is trained to be an effective member with a positive attitude, strong work ethics, sound aeronautical decision-making skills, and exceptional airmanship. In the new millennium, Oman Air’s mission is to seek out new ways to develop and improve its position as a leader in aviation excellence.

Oman Air’s Corporate Communications & Media Department highlighted that this latest group of pilot trainees will be another milestone for Oman Air’s effort to have professional Omani pilots. It will be followed by a second batch of 8 Pilot Trainees from the same academy in October 2008. Additionally Oman Air expects to welcome 14 young fresh pilot graduates who are undergoing an intensive Pilot Training Program with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, till February 2009. Already 9 Omani pilots have completed the full pilot programme with Atlantic Flight, Coventry UK, and came back in July 2007. Therefore, in 2008 and 2009, Oman Air expects to have 50 Omani’s trained as pilots in addition to its 111 current Omani pilots.

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