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Oman Air Welcomes New Group of Ab-initio Pilot and Engineering Trainees

Date: 5 Apr 2010
Sheik Ahmed Al-Nabhani

Oman Air, the national carrier of Oman, recently sent, 15 new Ab-initio Pilot Trainees to attend a Pilot Training Program with the Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology in Victoria, Melbourne, Australia and 8 engineering trainees to Air Service Training Ltd Perth, Scotland.

Mr. Peter Hill, Oman Air's Chief Executive Officer, along with top management, welcomed the future pilots and wished them all the success in their training program to earn the necessary licenses, which is expected to last from 16 to 18 months.

Sheik Ahmed Al-Nabhani, Chief Officer Support Services, stated that these new recruits are part of the expansion plan of Oman Air and its commitment to a companywide Omanisation program. These Cadets, who have been hand selected from hundreds of candidates, reflect Oman Air's endeavour to produce qualified Omani pilots. The entire process of choosing the right candidates is done independently by FTO (Flight Training Organization), who test the candidates, as well as oversee the selection and interview process.

Al Nabhani added that the new pilot trainees, who consist of 14 male and one female, will undergo a comprehensive training programme while being closely monitored to ensure that each trainee who graduates complies with the regulations and rules set for the air safety and air worthiness.

Al Nabhani concluded that this is the 3rd batch of Ab-initio pilots since 2005. The first batch of pilots went to train at Atlantic Flight School in the UK in 2005, the second batch went to the Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology in Victoria, Melbourne, Australia in 2008, as will this new batch of trainees. Oman Air is planning for a fourth batch of new pilot recruits in August 2010.

Oman Air's Flight Operations highlighted that this programme will enable the Ab-initio Pilot trainees to obtain their PPL, (Private Pilot License). Once completed, the trainees then go on to do their CPL, (Commercial Pilot License). They graduate with their F.A.T.P.L (Frozen Airline Transport Pilot License). Before flying their first passengers, the new recruits will further study, simulator training, type rating (the type of aircraft they will fly) and ground school.

Oman Air Training Department, in another event, held a debriefing to a further batch of 8 engineering trainees who were sent for an 84-week long training programme to Air Service Training Ltd, the longest established aeronautical engineering training provider, located in Perth, Scotland. The training permits the holder to issue certificates of release to service within the limits of tasks specifically endorsed on the authorisation, following minor scheduled line maintenance and simple defect rectification. The Civil Aviation License will be issued after the completion of two years on-job training.

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