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Oman Air Training Centre Achieves Remarkable Success in 2005

In order to align its organizational structure with its business strategy, Oman Air has adopted a comprehensible strategy in Human Resources, and made available an ambient environment, to improve performance and productivity through training. This assist in materializing Oman Air’s vision, values and anticipated objectives.

As a result of the outstanding investments with relation to the development of administrative and vocational skills through theoretical and practical methods in the aviation industry, Omani staff have demonstrate themselves in all fields, and consequently gained the Board’s confidence. Omani recruits as a result, occupy at present the highest position in technical, operation and managerial levels in the company.

“In 2005, the training centre has organized various training courses such as booking, customer service, security & safety, airport services, cargo, hazardous goods and many more, with a total of 302 courses and 2428 trainees, including employees from other airlines and parties. The numbers of company staff in who benefited from the training programs arrived at 2414. Also the company has dispatched 43 employees for local training, and 32 for overseas training”, Mr. Amar Nasser Divisional Manager Human Resources and Administration said.

He also added, “In order to absorb more Omani employees, the company has executed the following:

  • The second Administrational training program for a batch of 8 university graduates, aiming to polish their skills, and to prepare them for senior management post levels in the future. The first batches of 11 graduates have associated with this program in 2002.
  • B 737NG type rating course in the company’s flight crew technical training- Ground School, for Omani cadet pilots with commercial pilot license (CPL), who had successfully completed the course. They latter joined the company as co-pilots, after getting all the compulsory training and licenses.
  • Dispatch of 10 young Omani school leavers undergoing a Pilot Training program with Atlantic Flight Training Ltd, Coventry, UK.
  • Dispatch of 4 Engineers to attend basic engineering courses in Egypt.
  • Trained and Recruited 3 batches or 48 numbers of secondary school leavers, as Traffic assistants.
  • Trained and Recruited 3 batches, or 11 numbers of secondary school leavers as cabin crews.
  • Trained and Recruited one group or 14 numbers of secondary school leavers as cargo assistant.
  • Recruited 5 mechanics as trainees.
  • Sponsoring 13 staff for higher studies, to obtain the necessary licenses related to their jobs.Mr. Saleh Al Zadjali, Manager Training Centre added “All the training courses are conducted by skillful experts sanctioned by the concerned authorities”.  “The endorsements to Oman Air Training Centre by IATA to conduct IATA/UFTAA courses provide evidence of international recognition for the high quality and professional courses carried out and made available by the centre. The company’s training achievements in 2005 are giving a great thrust, to continue with the well-designed strategies aspired to upgrade our human resources”.

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