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Oman Air In Sync With Government's Omanisation Goals

Date: 29 Mar 2010
Sheikh Ahmed Al Nabhani

Oman Air is surging ahead with its HR initiatives to recruit more suitable Omani candidates. Oman Air ranks as one of the topmost companies that is driven by a determined Omanisation programme.

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has always underlined the growing need for the collective efforts to boost Omanisation, saying he would personally follow up the implementation of the recommendations of the National Manpower Employment Forum. In one of the speeches, His Majesty said that from the moment of dawning of renaissance, Oman has taken determined steps to open the doors to development and progress in the different spheres of modern life while creating equal opportunities for all the citizens of this country without exception, thereby enabling them to achieve their aspirations and ambitions and see their hopes translated into realities.

Commenting on the company’s Omanisation policy, Sheikh Ahmed Al Nabhani, Chief Officer Support Services says:

"His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said’s directives are our guiding beacon in this regard. The Board of Directors at Oman Air has drawn ambitious plans to recruit more Omanis this year as we move ahead with our expansion plans. 2010 has started off well with the Omanisation measures put in place. As part of recruiting and honing the skills of our Omani employees, we would be Omanising completely the grades 3 and 4 of our organization structure and design the necessary training courses in English language skills to the drivers, porters, and traffic assistants. I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the first group of 22 Traffic Assistants who are now in their final stages of job training ready to join their new jobs. We will also be having on board soon, 15 pilots, 12 engineering staff, 13 ramp handlers, and 22-cabin crew. This is apart from a further group of 15 pilots, 20 Traffic Assistants, and 20-cabin crew that will be joining Oman Air as well."

The many motivational measures and programmes that are put in place also act as an incentive to the Omani cadres working at different levels in the Company. Currently many senior posts in Oman Air are handled by efficient and proficient Omani cadres who have been serving the company tirelessly. The current percentage of Omanisation at Oman Air at 62.5% is expected to go up further as more eligible Omani candidates have been shortlisted for employment with Oman Air.

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