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Oman Air Supports Salalah Tourism Festival The National Carrier Diamond Sponsor & Official Carrier for the Event

Date: 6 Jul 2009

In continuation with its role in promoting Oman as a distinctive tourism destination through supporting important festivals that have become the landmark events in the Sultanate, Oman Air has signed in as the Diamond Sponsor for the Salalah Tourism Festival (15th July – 23rd August) that is approaching before long. The national carrier is also the Official Carrier for the event, and has increased its Salalah flights to a total of 392 flights, providing a total of 59,288 seats in capacity, during the season.

Oman Air's exemplary role in promoting the country's tourism potentials, its scenic locales and major festivals have been hailed by the government and especially the Ministry of Tourism with whom Oman Air joins hands for various promotions and festivals held within the country and abroad.

Dhofar Region has come under a cool spell now with rain clouds hovering above the region, creating a wonderful option for the residents of Muscat and the Arabian Gulf Region reeling under intense heat to take a break closer home. The annual Khareef season that begins mid July is also the time when the Salalah Tourism Festival (STF) would get off the ground. The event has carved a niche as an important festival not just in Oman, but also within the region and has a place to reckon with in the international events calendar as well.

Oman Air's Corporate Communication and Media (CC&M) said in a statement that STF's growing popularity in the region has resulted in more number of tourists visiting this place during this season. 'The growing number of tourists is ample evidence of the popularity of STF and the region which offers a cool and affordable respite to the tourists. Added to this is the friendly nature of the Dhofar nationals that have endeared people to visit this place more often. Oman Air has joined hands with Dhofar Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism to promote this Festival. This initiative is part of the Oman Air's efforts to develop greater levels of in-bound tourism, to build a solid Pan-Gulf tourism plan intended to boost Salalah and STF's tourism potential, also to create a tangible awareness among the residents on this wonderful destination through its various promotional activities.

CC&M also stated that to make it easier for the residents of the AGCC and keeping in mind the tremendous potential of STF within the regional tourism circuit, Oman Air has scheduled convenient timings / frequencies from its AGCC stations to Salalah, so people can holiday closer to home.

"Oman Air Holidays too, has come up with attractive holiday packages from across the AGCC countries to promote STF as well as inbound tourism. With world class infrastructure and ingrained hospitality among the local public, Dhofar region and Salalah in particular is an excellent option to spend the holidays. With the Salalah Tourism Festival, the visitors also can indulge in the festivities ranging from entertainment shows, as well as peek into history and culture to global shopping experience. Additionally one can also visit the many archeological sites and ancient Frankincense trade that the region is famous for," CC&M concluded.

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