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Oman Air Successfully Exposed The True Essence Of Oman In Berlin

Date: 06 Jul 2008
11th Arab-German Economic Forum

Corporate Communication And Media of Oman Air said that the national carrier of Oman participation at the 11th Arab-German Economic Forum held in Berlin recently was very successful, further more supported in strengthening economic relations between the two friendly countries Oman and Germany, in joint tourism and investment spheres. It was a perfect platform to make new and renew business relationships they stated, but most of all, tell the world about our ever continuing success story. They assured that tourism ties will expand in the years to come. In fact, the number of German tourists visiting Oman has recorded significant increase over the years. The Sultanate as they informed has seen a growing number of German tourists during 2007, and it is expected to increase for 2008. We did successfully display the true essence of Oman, and have played a very significant role in reflecting the country’s flourishing tourism and hospitality industry. This event was an effective way of promoting our beloved country. We announced through our presence that the Oanis, the people who are rooted in their traditions also open to progress, are waiting to welcome visitors to their astonishing country.

Corporate Communication And Media

Corporate Communication And Media of Oman Air also informed that DW-world. de, the site of Deutsche Welle which is an innovative media enterprise offering globally accessible multimedia information in more than 30 languages, also distributes multimedia and multilingual information from Germany to the rest of the world, reported recently that the popular Online travel agency managed by Expedia, Inc, an American company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington that operates the Expedia travel website, along with other travel-related properties including Hotels. com, verified that many Germans were traveling farther to exceptional interesting places including Oman definitely, in an anxious search for the sun.

They concluded saying that the official international tourism statistics show that the German tourist market is still one of the largest world markets, as German tourists spent last year about 60 billion euros of which 83 per cent was spent on various tours in Germany and abroad, and the remaining percentage spent on business trips.

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